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Kevin Ahern

By: Kevin Ahern on April 20th, 2021

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Best Winter Remodeling Projects

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Summer and late spring are the busiest times of year for home improvement projects, but some projects just make a lot more sense to complete when the weather is still chilly and the construction business is slow.

If you're hoping to finish some last-minute home improvements projects before the busy summer season, we've got some suggestions that can help you decide.

To learn more about how to hire a home improvement contractor, download our free guide to hiring a home improvement professional.

If you're not sure which winter remodeling projects are best, check out our suggestions below. Get ready to make your home more beautiful and functional! 

Indoor Painting

Do you want to freshen up your interior space? Applying a new coat of paint to the walls is a relatively quick and easy way to completely change the look of a room without going through a full remodel. 

Benefits of Repainting:

Repainting adds value to your home without putting yourself through the stress of a major remodel. In fact, this is a very practical project if you're planning to sell your home sometime this spring or summer. 

Benefits of repainting include: 

  • Make the room look clean and well-maintained.
  • Boost your mood.
  • Painting can transform spaces, making them more modern and beautiful. 

Pro Tips: 

  • If you're planning to sell your home, choose a neutral or muted color to appeal to a broad audience. 
  • Paint samples on the walls before choosing a final color.
  • Be cautious when painting dark colors in small or relatively dark rooms.   

Kitchen Remodel

Lots of homeowners dream of remodeling their kitchen, and it's no wonder. The kitchen is one of the centers of activity in the house. It's also a room with lots of gadgets and features, and it seems like they're constantly discovering new ways to make kitchens look more beautiful and more functional. 

We recommend remodeling your kitchen after the holidays and before the summer sets in and gets busy. Getting the work done now makes your summer less stressful and more relaxing - which is exactly how summer should be. 

Benefits of remodeling your kitchen:

  • Improve the functionality of your kitchen by creating a kitchen triangle. You'll wonder how you ever cooked or cleaned anything in your kitchen without it. 
  • Take advantage of modern innovations in kitchen appliances. For example, install a new refrigerator with a range of features like a built-in Amazon Alexa, a built-in coffee maker or a charcoal filter to keep food fresh. 
  • The national average ROI for a kitchen remodel is over 80%. Plan to pat yourself on the back when the time comes to sell your house. 

Pro Tips: 

  • Kitchen remodels can be time-consuming - as long as 8 weeks. Get started now to get your kitchen remodel finished and out of the way. 
  • Make plans to set up an alternative kitchen station somewhere in your home, so you can still prepare some meals at home even when your kitchen is out of service.

Home Office Conversion

Turn that spare room into a home office with a new coat of paint, installation of shelves and a desk, and some good lighting. 

Benefits of a home office conversion:

  • Make working at home more comfortable and easier to do.
  • Improve the value of your home, by appealing to buyers also seeking a comfortable home office space. 

Pro Tips:

  • Take this time to install ample electrical outlets, so you can plug in your devices from any location. 
  • Install perks like a mini-fridge or a bathroom to make the space feel more private and separate from the rest of the house. 

Why Take On Winter Remodeling Projects? 

There are many reasons to take on home improvement projects when it's cold outside. It's actually a very sensible time to knock projects off your home improvement checklist. Here's why. 

Scheduling is Easier

Contractors have fewer things to do in winter than at other times of the year. While you might wait a month or two for a contractor to become available at the height of the summer, that wait could shrink in the months of January, February and March. 

Pricing is Competitive

Contractor pricing can be extra competitive at this time of year. If you're on a budget and want to get the most for your money, hire a contractor before the season gets busy. 

You're Not Doing Anything Anyway

After the holidays, a lot of people go into a kind of hibernation, where they hang around the house and spend little money. This time of year is the perfect time to get something done because it causes the least disruption to your schedule.  

What Home Improvement Projects Can't Be Done In Cold Weather?

Contractors can do outdoor projects year-round, though winter weather in Connecticut can cause some disruptions, depending on the work being done. The most challenging project to complete in winter is exterior painting because paint can't cure in temperatures under 40 degrees. While your contractor may be able to paint your home on a good winter day, these days are hard to predict, and the window of time when your contractor would be able to paint would be short. 

This Is the Right Time to Start a Connecticut Home Improvement Project

Some projects take longer than you might think, so if you're on a deadline, this is the time to get started. Contact a contractor to begin the initial consultation and design process. For more information about starting your home improvement project, download our free publication, How to Choose a Professional Home Remodeling Contractor

How to Choose a Professional Home Remodeling Contractor

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