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Kevin Ahern

By: Kevin Ahern on February 11th, 2019

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9 Design Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Commercial Interior Construction


The way you decorate and design your commercial interior space has a big effect on the way your customers and employees perceive your organization. The materials you choose and the way your interiors are designed can impact the way people in the public interact with your business.

In order to be successful, commercial spaces must be efficient, cost-effective, engaging and unique. The success of your business is affected by your brand, and the building where you reside is incorporated into that brand.

This is what must be taken into consideration when you're choosing the commercial interior construction of your new commercial structure.

Working with professionals can help. A knowledgeable designer and builder can make suggestions that will help make your commercial building a success. Below, we will discuss 9 ways to get the most out of your commercial structure's interior.

Choose Quality Materials

No matter what the purpose of your business, it's important to choose quality materials for the interior construction of your structure. People expect quality, reliability and comfort in their workplace furniture. Timelessness is also important, as materials that are too rooted in the time period will soon become dated.

Look for furniture that incorporates durable materials like rustic woods, metal finishes and tempered glass.

Consult with your safety professional to ensure that the furniture you've chosen will be safe for people to use on a long-term basis, without causing ergonomic or musculoskeletal injuries.

Open Floor Plan or Closed Offices?

Traditional office buildings use a combination of enclosed rooms and cubicles to keep people divided and give workers personal space. Modern offices typically make use of an open floor plan to enable people to work in communal spaces.

The type of office space you choose for your business should depend on the needs of your company. There are benefits to each type of layout.

The traditional model reinforces the hierarchical nature of many offices, providing privacy to managers and personal space for staff. Open floor plans promote a sense of community and collaboration among employees and managers.

Noise control is something that should be considered in an open floor plan, so providing break out rooms and conference spaces is important.

Work with your commercial contractor to ensure that your office space is functional, attractive and will meet the needs of your business for many years to come.

Create Balance

Creating balance in a commercial interior construction starts with the room's architectural features like windows and doors. Other features are installed as needed to establish equilibrium.

For example, in an open floor plan, columns may help break up the large open space where worker desks are located. Architectural features can even be used to create "zones" within open spaces. Temporary walls, screens and even installation of permanent walls can help create a sense of motion, visual interest and sophistication.

Allow for Comfort

Comfort is important for productivity. Commercial spaces that are uncomfortable for employees and customers can hold back a business. Select the right pieces of furniture to offer varied postures for comfortable work and sitting. Invite people to relax in a comfortable lobby. Provide employees spaces where they can take a break on a comfortable couch.

Whether it's an ergonomic chair, a big bean bag or a plush sofa with ottomans, the furniture you select will have a big impact on the way your customers and employees feel throughout the day.

As you're making your furniture selections, shop around. Feel the upholstery, sit on different chairs and couches, and work with an ergonomics expert to ensure that the pieces you choose are right for your business.

Include Inspiration

Through color psychology, we know that different hues have the power to evoke different emotions. You can evoke energy, promote good conversation, encourage peace and calm, or spread happiness through your basic color choices.

Many businesses turn to neutrals like gray and brown in their public spaces to promote feelings of comfort, calmness and civility.

In private spaces like breakout rooms or conference areas, businesses become creative, using bolder colors to boost creativity and personal motivation. Ocean blue, energetic green and shades of rustic orange are all thought-provoking color choices that can encourage productivity among staff.

Keep Structures Versatile

The best way to ensure easy convertibility of the interior space is to keep it versatile. The design should allow for easy conversions and frequent adaptations.

Large open spaces with temporary walls can easily be restructured and re-conceived as the business grows.

An experienced builder can help you create flexible interior spaces. Talk to your contractor about the way that an open floor plan can be broken down into zones that can be easily changed again and again with your business needs.

Don't Be Afraid to Change Your Mind

Sometimes ideas change as everything starts to come together. You might start to notice that there's too much of one type of element, or that you've got to re-work things to find the perfect setup. Changing your ideas as you go along is the best way to ensure that the final design meets your business needs.

Talk about your concerns with your contractor and interior designer. As you notice problems, bring them to the attention of the experts. They'll be able to problem solve and trouble shoot with you, so you can feel comfortable with the process and with the final results.

Prioritize Safety

Safety features should be fused into the interior design. No safety regulation can be sacrificed for the sake of appearances. With that in mind, just because it's safe doesn't mean it has to be aesthetically unpleasing. 

Work with your contractor, occupational safety specialist and your interior designer to bring the elements of safety together with beauty. You can keep your workers and customers safe and have a design you love.

Hire a Professional

If you're thinking about redesigning your work space, you'll get the best results when you hire professionals. They'll be able to take your core idea and put together something that fits with your vision. Communicate with your team of professionals throughout the process to ensure they know what you want and what your business needs.

Getting Started

At Litchfield Builders, we help business owners redesign their work space. Our beautiful interiors are functional and safe, and built to last a lifetime.

We'll help you create a workspace that is flexible, functional, attractive and beautifully conceived. We'll work with your team of professionals, whether that's an architect, interior designer or both to ensure that your commercial building project meets your needs and all of the latest building standards.

Are you thinking about redesigning your interior space? What are you doing to ensure that your commercial space is attractive and meets the needs of your workers?

We'll are happy to consult with you about your project and make suggestions to help you get started. For more information about starting a green commercial remodeling project, download our free publication, Sustainability & Green Building in Commercial Construction.

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