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By: Kevin Ahern on March 17th, 2016

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Creative Office Remodeling and Design Concepts


Your upcoming office remodel is an excellent opportunity for you to create an interesting and functional office space where your employees can grow professionally. In this post, we'll discuss some of the best ideas and most creative ways that you can make your office attractive to employees and clients.

Create Rooms for Special Purposes

Think outside the box when it comes to the kind of rooms that you provide for your staff. Conference rooms and small offices are typical, but what about a game room? An exercise room? Or a space for quiet reflection? All of these spaces can encourage your employees to think creatively while on the job.

Install Extra Writing Surfaces

Imagine if every wall of your office was a white board or a chalkboard. Your employees could write lists, take notes and share ideas spontaneously throughout the day. Meetings could convene in random corners, lobby areas, even in the hallway. Where ever your employees decided they needed to write something down and get together as a group, they could do so.

Different Styles of Work Stations

Different employees will prefer to work at different kinds of work stations. In your upcoming office remodel, be sure to include work stations for all different work styles. This may include private cubbies, couches positioned at desks and large conference-style tables in the middle of an open office space.

Get Creative with Color

Many offices are painted in muted colors like beige, brown, blue, cream or white. These colors are popular but also very common, which makes them forgettable. When you start planning your new office's color scheme, pick colors that are attractive but more interesting than the basic neutral color scheme that is so typical of office spaces.

Consider a color scheme that uses contrasting colors, such as maroon and mint, or navy with accents of gold. Alternatively, you may also choose colors that match your company's logo, or colors that relate to the product that your company makes. Bold but attractive colors that will dress up your office space and make it a more fun place to spend time.

Invest in an Employee Kitchen

Employee kitchens make great meeting spaces, and they also give your employees a comfortable place to relax on their breaks. As you plan your upcoming office remodel, include an employee kitchen in your design. Have your kitchen include all the normal kitchen amenities, including a sink, dishwasher, refrigerator and cabinets.

There are many creative ways that your office space can be made fun and functional at the same time. If you're hoping for more ideas in the New Haven area, contact Litchfield Builders. We'll be happy to talk to you and share ideas for your upcoming remodel.

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