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Kevin Ahern

By: Kevin Ahern on June 5th, 2023

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Common Commercial Contractor Fees You Should Understand in Connecticut

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typical commercial remodel in Connecticut can cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Although the end results are worthwhile, some commercial property owners stumble on the price tag. 

Understanding contractor fees, as well as the benefits of working with a general commercial contractor, can help you decide whether you're ready for a commercial remodel. One of the most important things you can do when working with a commercial contractor is to choose the right professionals to ensure that the work is done properly. Here's what you need to know about hiring a quality contractor for your upcoming commercial remodeling project.

Commercial General Contractor Fees

All commercial remodeling projects come with a price tag for materials and labor. Working with a general contractor adds about 20 to 25% to the cost of your remodeling bill. Property owners on a budget sometimes ask, is the cost worthwhile? For most people, the answer is yes

Why Hire a General Contractor?

General contractors in Connecticut play a crucial role in the commercial remodeling process. Generals coordinate the efforts of employees and subcontractors to bring the work together seamlessly and efficiently. 

Quality. General contractors only hire professionals that meet their quality standards. They have prior knowledge and expertise that allows them to pull together the perfect team for each remodeling job.  

Convenience. Hiring your own subcontractors for your upcoming remodel is a lot of work. When you hire a general, you take the responsibility out of your hands and put it in the hands of a capable professional.

Expertise. General contractors have expertise in commercial remodeling. They know what needs to be done - and in what order - to complete each project. With a commercial contractor on-site, there's no need for you to have personal knowledge of the plumbing, electrical, and other work that needs to take place for the project to be finished. 

Streamlining. It's the job of your general contractor to ensure that your commercial construction project is performed with efficiency. Property owners who choose to hire their own professionals in a piecemeal fashion may take two or three times the necessary time to finish a project.

Accountability. Accountability becomes unclear when the commercial property owner hires their own professionals to complete bits and pieces of the remodeling project. If something goes wrong, who is responsible? When the commercial contractor is in charge of the professionals on-site, the general contractor is accountable for the work of all the subcontractors.

Saves money over time. Hiring your own professionals to save money on general contractor fees may be less expensive upfront, but quality increases when a commercial contractor is ensuring work. Good quality work lasts longer and needs less maintenance over time, which can save you money.  

Permitting Fees

Connecticut property owners pay to permit fees when making major changes to their structures. The cost for permits varies by community, with New Haven rates being the highest of all. Permitting fees go up periodically. When they do, they're announced on the building department website for that area. 

Special Inspector Fees

Private inspectors may also be required for the permitting process for commercial structures, depending on what's being built. If a private inspector is required, a separate fee is incurred for this. 

Other Fees

Many other communities in Connecticut will charge small fees for performing property improvement projects. Fees may include zoning permits and fees that pay for local projects. To learn more about fees in your area, call your local city hall or speak with your building or zoning office.

You can also ask the contractor working on your project about local fees. Ultimately, your contractor should take responsibility for ensuring that all fees are covered, and if they don't, they should tell you specifically which fees you're responsible for covering.

The cost of fees should be written into your contract. If you don't see this information in the contract with your general contractor, ask. It's important to pay all local fees when performing property improvement projects. Failure to pay fees may result in fines and could lead to problems down the road. 

Hiring a Commercial Contractor On a Budget

If you're on a tight budget but still want to hire a commercial contractor to complete your upcoming commercial remodel, shop around. Contractors have different fees, and an experienced contractor can help you establish priorities that will enable you to accomplish your remodel goals without breaking the bank.

Save money on your remodel by limiting the scope of your project and planning ahead. If you give yourself time to shop for the right materials, you may be able to take advantage of sales that can cut costs.

Contact a Reputable General Contractor for Your Upcoming Commercial Remodel

Your commercial property is one of your most valuable investments. The best way to protect your investment during a commercial remodel is to work with an experienced professional. Hiring a reputable commercial contractor will help ensure that the work is done properly, to code and in an organized fashion. When the work is done, your general contractor will be fully responsible for the quality of the work. Problems or questions can be taken back to your general contractor for resolution. From start to finish, you'll have one point of contact. 

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