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Kevin Ahern

By: Kevin Ahern on September 26th, 2016

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6 Simple Ways to Upgrade your Kitchen Island


Kitchen islands add a lot of value to your home, but some older islands can lack aesthetic beauty or functionality, which can detract from their overall value. Upgrading your home's kitchen island can improve its usefulness and overall attractiveness.

Upgrade the Countertop

Old, unstylish countertop materials can reduce your enjoyment of your island, so many homeowners prefer to upgrade their outdated countertops to modern, natural materials like stone and wood. Upgrading your kitchen island's countertop will help you bring your home's kitchen into the modern world.

When trying to pick a countertop material, don't feel pressured to match whatever material is found in the rest of the kitchen. Mixing and matching countertop materials is a daring way to make your kitchen space more unique and visually interesting.

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Install a Task Sink

A task sink is a second sink that is often used to wash vegetables, fill pots with water and wash dishes when the primary kitchen sink is full. Installing a task sink is a good job for a contractor, especially if your kitchen hasn't been plumbed for a second sink. Talk to your contractor about the necessary steps for installing a sink in a location where no sink currently exists.

Refinish the Cabinets

This is a job that can be handled by a contractor or as a DIY project. Refinishing your cabinets will help upgrade the look of your kitchen while also making your island look cleaner and more modern. When deciding to refinish your kitchen island, consider many different types of finishes before making a final decision. Wood stain, paint and special effects like antiqued paint can all make your island cabinets stand out.

Install a Raised Bar

Installing a raised bar will give your guests and family members somewhere to sit as they talk to you during meal prep time. After installing a raised bar at your kitchen island, finish the job by purchasing tall stools or raised chairs. Since installing a raised bar could involve making structural changes to your kitchen island, work with a contractor to get this done.

Install Molding or Beadboard

Nailing molding or beadboard to your kitchen island will dress up the surface of the island cabinets, making them look more formal or vintage, depending on the material you choose and the way they're installed. After installing the beadboard or molding, remember that you'll need to repaint all the cabinets to finish the job.

Update the Hardware

This is a simple project that you can complete without the help of a contractor. Purchase new hardware for your kitchen island, including hinges, handles and knobs. Then, use a screwdriver to remove the old hardware and install new hardware.

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