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By: Kevin Ahern on October 28th, 2015

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5 Kitchen Remodeling Tips To Achieve A More Modern Feel


So you’re remodeling your kitchen and you’d like to go modern. But what is modern, and how can modern be achieved? These 5 tips will help you make dramatic, sweeping changes to help you achieve a clean, modern aesthetic kitchen.

Less-Is-More Design Sensibility

Modern designs, whether found in a kitchen, living room or bedroom, all emphasize minimalist sensibilities. Avoid installing anything flashy or elaborate that might stand out in your modern kitchen. For example, turn to flat panel cabinets instead of traditional cabinets with hand-carved elements. Use neutral colors like black, white, gray and brown instead of bright, non-earthy colors.

Contrasting Building Materials

Use a combination of natural and man-made building materials for your floors, walls and countertops. Side by side, the natural surfaces will make your man-made surfaces look a bit more earthy, and the man-made surfaces will make the natural surfaces look a bit more sophisticated. For example, juxtapose stone countertops against glass tile and wood panel cabinets. To further emphasize the difference between each type of material, choose surfaces that feature contrasting light and dark colors (like white glass, dark brown panels and black granite).

Numerous Lighting Options

Modern kitchens are light and bright. In fact, the more lighting options in your kitchen, the better. Here are just a few contemporary ways that you can introduce more light into your kitchen:

  • Recessed light fixtures. Recessed lighting allows you to control the direction and amount of light, so you can light one localized area or the entire room.
  • Chandelier. A chandelier emits light while also providing a beautiful focal point that can be hung above the table. Avoid ornate, old-fashioned chandeliers. The chandelier you choose should be as simple and sleek as possible.
  • Natural Light. Find ways to incorporate natural light into your modern kitchen. Floor to ceiling windows that provide an impressive view would be best. If floor to ceiling windows aren’t an option, consider arched windows. For an extra boost of natural daylight, install a skylight in a centralized area.

Open Floor Plan

Modern kitchens—and modern spaces in general—don’t make much use of walls. Tear down any non load-bearing walls to open up the space and break down boundaries. This will help make your kitchen a more social space, where your visitors can wander in and out. It will also give you a good view of other activities going on in other portions of the house.

Plenty of Storage

Modern designs are nothing if not sensible. Focus on making good use of your storage space. With custom-made drawers and cabinets designed to fit around your cooking utensils and pantry items, everything will have a place and nothing will need to be left out on your countertops. This will help reduce clutter and underscore the clean, minimalist appearance of your entire kitchen. Work with your contractor to design a storage space for every funny-shaped pot and pan you own.

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