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By: Kevin Ahern on February 27th, 2017

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3 Reasons to Invest in A Kitchen Bump-Out in Connecticut


One of the most common problems that modern homeowners have with their kitchen is a lack of space. This lack of space can take many forms, including little or no room for a table, lack of space to store food and lack of floor space for walking.

One of the reasons this problem is so prevalent is because homes built decades ago had small kitchens that took up a relatively small portion of the overall household size. As a result, many homeowners with older properties must seek creative ways to accommodate their smaller kitchens.

Kitchen bump outs are one of the modern kitchen remodeling solutions to this problem. A bump-out is a type of addition that involves no changes to the foundation of the home. Bump-outs may add several feet of space in the kitchen. This is enough room to install a breakfast nook or several additional cabinets without incurring the expense of a major addition.

Different sources may argue about what constitutes a kitchen bump out, but as a general rule, a bump-out is an addition that can be done by extending the floor joists in your home without extending the foundation itself. Typically, a bump out will add a strip of space to the side of your house that is around 10-12 feet in length and about 3 feet in width.

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Why Get a Bump Out and Not a Full Addition?

Full additions represent a major undertaking for homeowners. In terms of cost and expense, full additions are among the most costly types of home improvement projects that homeowners choose to make.

According to Home Advisor, full additions can cost as much as six figures, while bump outs are less expensive, take less time and represent a much smaller commitment for homeowners. Of course, there are actually many reasons that homeowners choose bump outs.

Create More Kitchen Space

A typical kitchen bump out can add as much as 36 square feet to a home’s kitchen, without making any changes to the foundation. This seamless addition of space can give homeowners the kitchen they’ve always wanted.

Common uses for bump out space include:

  • Additional shelves and cabinets. Kitchen bump outs give homeowners the room they need to add shelves and cabinets without taking up floor space. This is a particular benefit for homeowners who find themselves accommodating their small kitchen by storing dishes and food in their garage and other parts of their house.
  • Table for eating breakfast. In the case of kitchens where there’s just not quite enough room for a table, bump outs enable homeowners to fit the eating area that they’ve always wanted into their kitchen.
  • Additional appliances. High-end kitchen appliances are becoming more popular in modern homes, and many homeowners are now seeking to install luxury appliances like drink coolers. In kitchens that were designed in the 1950’s, there is often very little room for extra appliances. Installing a bump out gives homeowners the space they need for more appliances.
  • Kitchen island. Kitchen islands remain one of the most popular fixtures in modern kitchens. Still, many homeowners consider a kitchen island to be an unattainable goal because they are confined by the dimensions of their kitchen. A bump out makes an island a possibility in many homes.
  • Room to entertain Throwing a party or a family reunion takes space. Bump outs add floor space for walking around. For homeowners who like to entertain, a bump out may make it possible to add a counter and bar where visitors can sit and talk while food is being prepared.

Save Money

According to home advisor, a standard home addition can cost up to $100,000, with the average home addition costing around $40,942. There are many reasons that home additions cost so much. Often, full additions will involve changes to the shape of the home’s foundation, upgrades to the HVAC system to accommodate extra space, additions to the roof and major exterior changes to make room for the new space on the home.

Bump outs are much simpler. Often the home’s existing HVAC system is large enough to heat and cool the additional space in the kitchen. A lean-to roof is enough to cover the bump out space, and bump outs frequently involve minimal exterior changes to the house.

Budgeting for a bump out can be much easier than budgeting for a home addition. Depending on the original remodeling budget, homeowners who were already planning to remodel their home may find paying for a bump out to be much easier.

Depending on the extent of the kitchen remodel taking being planned, a bump out may involve incurring some of the following costs:

  • Extra flooring
  • More counters
  • Extension of the joists
  • Addition of siding
  • Lean-to roof installation

Increase Home Value

Homeowners aren’t the only ones who want larger kitchens. Spacious kitchens are also sought after by home buyers.

According to Investopedia, major remodels come with an ROI of 70-78%, while average remodels have an ROI of 75-83%. By investing in a bump out and keeping the costs of your remodel reasonable, you have a greater chance of recovering the money spent on your remodel. According to an article on HGTV, opening up your home’s space can greatly improve resale value.

Homeowners considering selling their home in the next year or two can increase their home’s resale value and boost the offers they get from home buyers by remodeling their kitchen to make it more spacious and functional.

Key Takeaways

Kitchen bump outs are a smart type of kitchen remodel for homeowners in New Haven. Bump outs have the following benefits:

  • Save money.
  • Increase home value.
  • Added convenience.

What do you want to add to your kitchen? Let us know in the comments below! If you're interested in learning more about kitchen remodels, knowing what factors will affect the final cost is key to budgeting effectively. Our free guide highlights everything you need to include in your kitchen remodel budget, so you can avoid unexpected costs.

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