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Chris Jackson

By: Chris Jackson on April 8th, 2020

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The Warning Signs That Your Commercial Building Needs Remodeling

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Every business needs to be relevant and functional in order to keep operating. This may include remodeling your commercial space every now and then. 

Commercial building renovations can be minor interior redesigning to major changes in both the exterior and interior of the structure. You may not know it but even a small business building renovation can still be a major ordeal and it is necessary that you know the full scope of the process before diving into a remodeling project.

Here are the biggest warning signs you need to know before remodeling your commercial building.

What are the signs? 

Buildings that don’t get the maintenance that they need may someday be too difficult and expensive to repair. However, you don’t have to fear about this. 

When the time to get a commercial remodel comes, the signs can be obvious or subtle. As a commercial property owner, you have to be vigilant about warning signs by inspecting the property regularly.

It is also helpful to get feedback from clients and employees and to work with a property management company. Unfortunately, the signs that you need remodeling will depend on the needs and the kind of commercial business you are running. 

For instance, corporate and offices have lesser foot traffic than restaurants. Most of the activities in the corporate world are spent by employees on their desks, facing their computers and stacks of paperwork.

Restaurants, on the other hand, would have more hustle and bustle. Many activities are involved in a restaurant business-- from waiters and waitresses running around to serve tables to the restaurant kitchen where the foods are being prepared.

Whether you’re running an office or a restaurant, we’ve included the signs that you should look out for in both these businesses. 

Corporate and Office

If you’re running a business in the corporate world, you have to keep in mind the things that you need to do in order to boost your office productivity and efficiency

Most of the time, a corporate or office needs remodeling when the employees are no longer motivated to work when the work environment is already dull and depressing.

This often happens when the place already feels crowded or gloomy because let’s admit it-- when employees have to work for at least 8 hours a day sitting on a desk, typing away on their computers or answering calls, the days could get dull and lonely. 

That’s why it is important that you brighten up your office space in order to improve your employee’s productivity and enthusiasm towards work. 

If you have a corporate or office building, here are some signs which will tell you that you already need a makeover for your place.

  1. Wall paint colors are dated and walls are scuffed.
  2. Countertops and carpeting are worn.
  3. Fixtures are breaking frequently.
  4. Crowding is a problem and workers are out of space.
  5. Disorganized space resulting in documents getting lost often.
  6. Your employees have a strained relationship. 


If you’re running a restaurant, you have to take note that restaurant staff is always in constant movement because of the many activities that they do such as cooking food, cleaning dishes, and serving customers.

Proper layout in restaurants is essential to ensure that queues are kept out of the way and staff can freely move from one place to another. 

Here are signs that you must watch out for in a commercial restaurant:

  1. The staff is not able to function efficiently.
  2. The dining room looks shabby.
  3. Your restaurant is newly-furnished and requires a new look.
  4. Kitchen fixtures are also inefficient.
  5. The kitchen has dysfunctional general-purpose access doors.
  6. The bathrooms are in poor condition.
  7. The kitchen is humid and warm. The temperature is also not consistent.

What comes next?

Once you already know what needs to get done, the next step for you is to identify what types of professionals you need to contract for your project. If you’re only working on an energy upgrade, an HVAC professional and a professional electrician could be enough. 

However, if you’re renovating the exterior of your property, then you need the services of an architect and a renovation contractor. Always do research and get personal recommendations to ensure that you find someone that is easy to work with, asks for a fair rate and delivers results efficiently. 

Lastly, as the building owner, you have to check on the property while the remodeling project is ongoing to make sure your expectations are being met and that the project is finished on time. 

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