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By: Kevin Ahern on December 2nd, 2014

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Start Planning! Unexpected Perks of Winter Remodeling

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In winter, starting a remodeling or construction project is usually the last thing on the minds of home and business owners, primarily because of the weather. Many property owners cringe at the idea of removing walls or having muddy and snowy tracks dragged through their home or business and assume that outdoor remodeling is not a possibility.

What many people don't realize is that there are a variety of unexpected benefits to remodeling during the wintertime. Here are just a few:


General contractors and construction companies have more flexible schedules when things slow down for the winter. In fact, many contractors have so much availability in winter that remodels can be scheduled quickly, and with a larger percentage of their own workforce free, may even be finished more quickly.

Lower Prices

When the demand for remodeling services goes up, so do the prices. Lower demand during the winter means lower prices. Property owners seeking deals can do well in winter. With many contractors available to do work in the winter, some companies will offer sales and other incentives to potential customers. In addition, labor costs go down by as much as $0.33 per hour in January, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With supplies piling up in warehouses, the cost of materials can also be lower. In addition, companies selling appliances and lighting fixtures run holiday sales and year-end close out sales as they make room for new inventory.

Work Can Be Done During Holiday Vacations

Its not uncommon for homeowners in Connecticut to travel during the holidays or the cold winter months. While traveling, homeowners can hire contractors to remodel their home while it sits empty. It's the height of convenience: homeowners go away to a warm tropical island for Christmas, and return to a remodeled home.

Get Ready for Spring

Why waste your spring or summer waiting for an outdoor project to be completed? Wouldn't you rather be enjoying that new porch or extension when the sun's out? If the weather cooperates, you can complete your outdoor remodeling projects during the winter and have them good to go by the time spring rolls around.

Key Takeaway

While winter remodeling does depend heavily on mother nature, if presented with the opportunity, don't hesitate. From lowered prices to shorter building timelines, you will be met with many unexpected perks! To get started on your winter remodeling or construction project in Connecticut, request a free consultation with a member of the Litchfield Builders team.

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