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By: Kevin Ahern on January 28th, 2014

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The Biggest Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes You're Making Everyday

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A well-executed bathroom remodel can add value to your property while transforming one of the most highly used spaces in your home. It is only logical that a poorly executed bathroom remodel could reduce the value of your home and cost you thousands of extra dollars in repair. Beware of these common mistakes as you embark on your personal bathroom remodeling project.

Poor Ventilation

Adequate ventilation in a bathroom is crucial. A poorly ventilated home bathroom can leads to probles with bubbling paint, curling wallpaper, and even mold. Installation of a bathroom fan should help you keep the moisture in the air to a minimum, however, the key is to keep it running long enough to allow the air to dry out after a shower or bath. A timer installed on your ventilation fan can help you with this.

Trendy Design Choices

Bathroom remodeling in Connecticut can be expensive so it is not something you want to do frequently. Look for bathroom fixtures you can live with for decades (unlike the image above). Avoid installing anything so "hip" that your future guests and family members will walk in and think they've stepped into a time warp. Having a timeless design will also help you if you should ever find yourself on the housing market.

Unlicensed Work

Hiring an unlicensed or "low-bidding" contractor, skipping on the permits, trying to do it yourself. All these choices might save you a little money now, but you will regret it later on. Keep in mind that not all mistakes are obvious. A botched remodeling job could result in damage inside or behind your walls as mold or dry rot, amongst other things. Left undetected for months or years, you could do serious or even irreparable damage to your house. In addition, unlicensed contractor work could be a big deterrent for future buyers, should you ever decide to sell your home.

Skimping On The Storage Space

A cluttered bathroom will always look messy, making the space look just as unattractive as it did before the remodel. Plan for the worst; add 20% to however much storage space you think you will need. The more neat and tidy your bathroom looks, the more impressive the remodel will be when it's finished.

Needlessly Overspending

You could be thinking about selling your house in a few years. Remember that some upgrades don't directly translate to added value on your home. You may not be able to recoup the cost of some specialized, big-ticket items, like a whirl pool tub. Some buyers may even be deterred by fixtures like this because of their energy inefficiency.

Hiring The Wrong Company

Bathroom remodeling and residential remodeling in general is a serious investment that requires an expert eye and an in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of your home and plumbing. Hiring the wrong contractor for your residential construction could mean the difference between success and failure.

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