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Kevin Ahern

By: Kevin Ahern on February 2nd, 2024

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Quick Renovations vs. Comprehensive Renovations in Connecticut

Residential Remodeling

When you think of home improvement projects, what do you picture? Saw dust? Tarps covering doorways? Tools spread on the ground, loud noises and days of inconvenience? 

Some home improvements are like this, but some are not. Not every home remodel needs to be a big job. In fact, performing quick renovations over many years can help you get the most use out of your Connecticut home.

There's a lot of benefit to quickly changing the floors painting the walls and calling the job done. Whether you're hiring a contractor to remodel a guest room or painting a nursery, simple transformations can go a long way. Here's what you need to know about quick renovations. 

"Quick Renovation" - What Does That Mean?

When we talk about a quick renovation, we're talking about fast, low-level renovations that require few or no in-depth changes. They're easy to do, and easy to un-do when the time comes. For a project like this, you might paint the room, lay down carpet and be done.

This is different from complex renovations like kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling, which typically involve replacing plumbing fixtures, swapping light fixtures, installing cabinetry and countertops, replacing the flooring and more. 

Quick renovations vary, but they can deliver a high bang for the buck by costing little and making a dramatic change to the space in a short period. 

Advantages of a Quick Renovation

  • Fast. In-depth renovations require a lot of materials that need to be ordered, taking weeks or months before work can begin. Once the project starts, they can take weeks to complete. Quick renovations, on the other hand, require few materials. They can get started quickly after signing a contract, and take less time to finish as well. 
  • Low cost. Whereas more complicated remodels can cost tens of thousands of dollars, a quick renovation can be completed for a relatively low cost. 
  • Get more use out of spaces in your home. Fast renovations can help you achieve your goals for your home and personalize your space. 
  • Can update a space to hold you over until the next in-depth renovation. While we may talk about a kitchen remodel being more complicated and in-depth, sometimes all you need is a faster renovation to get you through to the next big remodel. For example, 10 years after you fully renovated your kitchen, you may want to paint the walls and make minor cosmetic improvements. With these changes, your kitchen will look newer and you'll be happy with the final results until you decide to fully remodel the space again in another 15 years. 

Disadvantages of a Quick Renovation

  • Effects don't last as long. Quick renovations are surface-level only, and after a while, those improvements can start to lose their luster. A few years after a quick renovation, the space will likely be worse for wear. 
  • Not thorough enough to completely transform a space. Quick renovations are limited in scope, so if you're looking for a project that will completely transform your space (either in appearance or in functionality), this is not the right type of project for your home. 
  • Primarily cosmetic changes only. If your home is having problems relating to its functionality, a quick renovation may not be the right change for you. 

Examples of Quick Renovations

Nursery or toy room remodel. Nurseries and toy rooms are a temporary part of your house. Once your child is old enough, they'll no longer need these spaces. Why spend the money and time on a major renovation to create spaces that are only needed for a few years? A quick renovation will help you create an attractive space that can be easily redone when your child outgrows it. 

Painting one or more rooms to sell your house. Cosmetic improvements made to your home can help sell your house. Since you'll be moving out soon, there's little point in taking on a major home improvement project before selling. A quick renovation is all it takes to make a good impression on buyers. 

Guest room renovation. In most houses, guest rooms don't get a lot of use. It's not necessary to install high-end furnishings and make major structural changes to such a space. A quick renovation can make your guest room beautiful and comfortable for the next person to stay there. 

When Is It Better to Do a Complete Renovation?

Some projects are worth spending money and time on. A full kitchen remodel or a full bathroom remodel can improve your home's value, make your home more efficient and can help you achieve your goals for a comfortable and stylish home space. 

Choosing to spend only half the money and half the time on these projects means that you'll get less value for your investment, and you'll enjoy the changes for less time. If your home needs a full kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel, but your budget won't allow for it, you're better off taking a little more time to save your money, so you can do your home remodel the right way the first time. 

Regardless of Your Renovation Type - Hire the Right Contractor

Whether you're in need of quick renovations vs. comprehensive renovations, it's still very important to hire the right Connecticut contractor for the job. Litchfield Builders guide to selecting a Connecticut home improvement contractor can help you with this process. Download our free guide to learn more about hiring a contractor for your upcoming remodel. 

How to Choose a Professional Home Remodeling Contractor

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