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Kevin Ahern

By: Kevin Ahern on January 5th, 2024

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Revitalizing your Connecticut home's exterior: Ideas for enhancing curb appeal

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Enhancing your home's curb appeal can improve its value and make your home easier to sell. Revitalizing your Connecticut home's exterior starts with inspiration and a plan. In this article, we'll go over some home improvement projects that can make your house the talk of the block. With a good idea and the right contractor, you can make your home a truly stunning place to live. 


Replace or Paint Siding

Replacing your home's siding can do more than just spruce up your front yard. Siding replacement can make your home look almost brand new, especially if you're upgrading from siding that's faded or damaged. Fiber cement siding is a common choice for modern homes. It has a long lifespan, comes in many different styles and can be easily shaped to mimic real wood. This type of siding is strong enough to stand up to Connecticut's harsh weather.

Painting your siding can also make a big impact on curb appeal. If you have a historic home, a return to period-accurate paint colors could impact the value of your property and also restore your home's original beauty. There are many resources online for homeowners hoping to determine which colors are most realistic for their historic homes. You can also consult with a designer or local historic society for guidance. 

Upgrade Landscaping 

New landscaping catches the eye and draws in visitors, adding magnificence to your front lawn. There are so many options when you're changing out old landscaping for new. Some options:

Re-sod the grass. Grass has a way of giving way to weeds over time, especially if your sprinkler system has deteriorated or isn't run regularly throughout the summer. Re-sodding your grass adds uniformity to your lawn and adds an orderly quality as well. If your sprinkler system is in need of repair, take care of it at the same time to ensure your new grass has a chance to stay healthy. 

Replace gardens with hardscaping. If you're having a hard time keeping up with gardening maintenance, consider replacing your gardens with hardscaping that needs less work. 

Plant cottage garden flowers. Create a wonderland effect by planting chaotic and attractive cottage-style garden flowers and wildflowers. This impressive and showy landscaping style draws ooohs and ahhhs from passerby. Pair it with a white picket fence, and your home becomes positively picturesque.

Install an elegant formal garden. On a large property, boxy shrubs and orderly garden arrangements help create a regal quality to impress visitors. 

Xeriscaping. Xeriscaping is landscaping that reduces dependence on irrigation, or requires no irrigation at all. It's a relatively new concept in residential landscaping, but it's quickly becoming a popular option among homeowners who want to reduce utility costs and protect the environment. In Connecticut, xeriscaping usually involves limited use of turf, installation of mulch, and patches of native plants like wildflowers.

Picking the right landscaping for your home can be complicated. There's a real art to installing new landscaping on a property. Work with a professional to help you choose the landscape design that meets your goals and works for your home. 

Beautify Pathways with Pavers or Bricks

Pathways add a dynamic quality to your landscape design. Well established pathways help lead the eye around your property or straight up to your doorway, depending on where they're going. Concrete pathways are common but can lack beauty or elegance. Replacing standard concrete pathways with pavers or bricks adds character to your home. You can pick the character by picking the pavers you like best. 

Replace Windows

Old windows are often difficult to maintain and keep clean, and that can be a detriment to your home's curb appeal. Replacing and upgrading your home's windows can give your home a face lift, especially if you choose a new window style to accentuate your home's architecture.

For example, replace double hung windows with casements, a picture window with a bay window, and so on. Upgrading your windows with a quality, energy efficient product can even help protect your home's interior, preventing your furniture and flooring from fading. Choose a reputable product with a long warranty for best results. 

Install New Garage Door

A new garage door is a relatively low-cost upgrade that can make a stunning difference in your home's appearance. You have no idea how your garage door can affect the way your home looks until it's been replaced. Old garage doors of decades ago were relatively uniform in their appearance, but today's garage doors come in a range of styles. From carriage doors to modern aluminum and glass garage doors, you've got lots of choices. 

Replace or Paint Exterior Doors

Replacing your home's exterior doors with an all new product can dramatically impact the way your home looks. Experiment with different door styles and materials before settling on the type of door that you like best. Wooden doors have warmth and character that can bring out the best in your property, while materials like steel can last and last with virtually no maintenance required. 

If you like your home's doors but want an upgrade all the same, consider painting or staining your door instead of replacing it. Your home will get a face lift for a fraction of the cost of installing a new door. 

Start Your Project With the Right Contractor

Revitalizing your Connecticut home's exterior? Get your project going with a contractor that understands and shares your vision. To find the right Connecticut contractor, vet several contractors and contact references before signing a contract. For tips on hiring the best contractor for the job, download Litchfield Builder's free guide to hiring a Connecticut home renovation contractor. 

How to Choose a Professional Home Remodeling Contractor

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