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Natalia Webster

By: Natalia Webster on October 20th, 2020

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8 Patio Decorating Design Ideas to Transform Your Backyard

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Your backyard is the ideal destination to host friends and family as well as spend time outdoors. However, some backyards are better than others.

When it comes to your patio, you want to create a place of comfort and hospitality that makes for a memorable experience for guests and is a place you are proud of. 

In this article, we will discuss eight of the best patio decoration ideas that you can use to remodel your yard. 

1. Add a glass table top, chairs and umbrella.

The easiest way to bring some eye-grabbing transformation is to introduce a high-quality glass table top. Choose a sweet spot in your backyard and workaround by creating plenty of space around it. 

Once you have enough area to add the furnishings, bring in some classy lawn chairs, or you may also include the lounging sofas. And, right in the middle of all, place your most prized-possession— replacement glass for patio table with umbrella hole

If you are going to use the place extensively for family gatherings and small get-togethers in the warm summers, you might be interested in adding some garden parasols too. They won't only add shade but also enhance the aesthetics of your patio in a big way. Notably, the Jumbo-sized umbrellas are the perfect way of covering a large patio area; not to mention that they are also visually appealing too.

2. Plexiglas sheet over the patio wall

If your backyard doesn't face security or prying neighbor issues, then it is worth considering to line it up with half or full boundary wall, made out of clear acrylic or a Plexiglas sheet. The set-up is sure to give your lawn an instant face-lift without much ado.  

You may either choose to go with a border-less glass sheet or the one with aluminium or stainless steel railings to impart some definition to the whole arrangement. The set-up is highly preferred in contemporary households where owners are willing to experiment with the futuristic design options available to boundary the backyards. 

3. Creative lighting arrangements with decorative pieces

Chord lighting is ideal for illuminating the outdoors as the bulbs are compact enough that they are tough to locate during the day, but these clusters of LEDs can quickly spread the glow all across your patio at night time. You can use them to cover your trees, boundaries, shrubs, archways and many other prominent elements in your backyard. 

The best thing about string lighting and rice bulbs is their versatility & diverse range; You’ll be delighted to know that a suitable collection for your lawn and patio is never difficult to find. Apart from this, you can also add fixed lamps or lanterns in your backyard, especially to light-up the pathways. 

4. Create a heater or fireplace element

Having a beautiful and cosy fireplace arrangement near your seating area in a patio can also add an element of warmth and light to the whole set-up— A perfect way to spend your late evenings in your lawn, relishing the company of loved ones and good food.

Those of you who are not very fond of fire pits can take the support of the gadgets to create a similar ambience. Additionally, the lack of enough space in the patio might also make it difficult to install a full-fledged fireplace.

Under such circumstances, we recommend you to try out electrical heaters. These are available in varying sizes and styling options. You may choose the one that complements your existing patio arrangement and serves its utility reasonably well. 

5. Add a reflective mirror

Now, this particular decor idea of adding reflectors in your patio may come across as a bit unconventional to a few. However, it is still worth a try, especially for those who are not afraid to try something out of the box. 

You may choose to add these mirrors to your lawn boundary or as a wall feature covering the back of your patio set-up. The basic idea behind installing reflectors is to add the illusion of more space besides improving aesthetics and add colors along the way. 

6. DIY mini waterfall

One of the most challenging tasks in the list of backyard remodelling projects is adding a waterfall feature, such as a fountain, waterfall or pond; but if pulled off right, the same is going to be the biggest attraction of all.    

Fountains can be used to be the point of focus or to give your favorite outdoor place the ideal accent. You may get in touch with your trusted plumber or a backyard-remodelling specialist to shed some light on this and share a few ideas on adding a mini waterfall. Conversely, you may even go through some extensive and yet simple DIY water-feature building ideas shared online that you may use to create your very own waterfall.

7. Add an Archway

An archway is one of the most welcoming and alive features to include in your patio decor. It is often seen as a prominent point, connecting one open area to another. 

You may decide to add an archway at the entrance of your backyard and decorate it with beautiful flowery climbers and vines, which will soon engulf the complete opening. Metal or wood are the two materials that are used extensively in the archway constructions; you may pick the one that suits your taste and patio setting better. 

8. Install birdhouses

Empty wall spaces in a patio are not necessarily a bad thing, but they might look too barren and dull to some; if that happens to be the case, consider welcoming some lovely feathery and furry visitors to spend some time with you. 

One of the best uses of your patio walls is to install a few birdhouses there so that these local fellows can come and stay. Also, ensure to arrange their food and water in the vicinity— The set-up is sure to create a lively and mesmerizing sight that can be appreciated every day. 

Create your dream patio today

With all of this inspiration for creating your dream patio setup, it's time to get to work. While some of us may be lucky and have a beautiful patio that just needs a quick touch-up, most homeowners may need a bit more help getting started. 

That's why we created this handy E-book to help guide you in finding the right team for your home remodeling project. Download How to Choose a Professional Home Remodeling Contractor and let's create your dream patio today. How to Choose a Professional Home Remodeling Contractor

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