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Kevin Ahern

By: Kevin Ahern on July 10th, 2024

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Luxury Bathrooms: Spa-Like Retreats for Your Connecticut Home

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The bathroom has the potential to be one of the most luxurious and comforting rooms in the entire house. With spa-like features including a custom shower, free-standing tub and semi-custom cabinetry, your bathroom can be transformed into a place of peace and relaxation. 

If your current bathroom doesn't quite rise to the level of a spa-like retreat, a remodel from a skilled Connecticut contractor can make a transformation happen. Working with a design-build contractor can help get a project like this off the ground. Your design-build contractor can suggest materials and changes that can help turn your bathroom from something ordinary into something extraordinary. 

Custom Showers

Showers are the new baths. Not every primary bathroom has a bathtub, but nearly all of them have showers. Showers are relaxing, and if your shower has the right features, taking a shower can also be a "treat yourself" moment. Below are some features to consider for your custom shower. 

Aroma therapy built into the shower head. For years, luxury shower head manufacturers have designed shower heads that feature aromatherapy attachments, enabling shower users to integrate aromatherapy into their shower experience. 

Rainfall shower head. Nothing washes the bad feelings away like a rainfall shower head, which provides a steady, all-encompassing stream of warm water during your shower experience. 

Multiple head shower. Recently, showers with multiple heads have become a sought-after feature in custom luxury bathrooms. A well-installed multiple head shower makes getting cleaner more efficient and also more pleasing at the same time. It's a sensory experience that will leave you wanting to shower longer.  

Curbless shower. Curbless showers make getting into and out of the shower easier and faster, and also adds sleek beauty to your bathroom. It's important to work with an experienced contractor when designing the curbless shower. Poorly designed showers can lead to a lot of water on the floor, but an experience contractor will know how to design a curbless shower that keeps the water where it belongs. 

Freestanding Bathtub

Although clawfoot bathtubs are a feature found in old-fashioned bathrooms, freestanding bathtubs are still a sought-after fixture used in luxury bathrooms today. These spacious and ergonomically designed fixtures often include sophisticated features like heated back rests and jets that can use water to massage your muscles. 

Freestanding bathtubs are often large, but if you've got a smaller bathroom, mini tubs are available. Mini freestanding tubs offer all the comfort of a larger tub, in a more compact form. Your Connecticut contractor can suggest material suppliers and will help you shop around for the best fixture for your bathroom. 

Large Window

No spa is complete without a lot of natural light, and to have natural light, you'll need a window. Traditional bathroom windows are made of frosted glass to obscure the view of the room inside.

However, if it's important to you to see out into the world, you have options. Your contractor can install a window with a film on the glass. This window film blocks the view into your home and protects your privacy while still allowing you to see out into the world.

Beautiful Lighting

While natural light is important in your bathroom space, artificial light is equally important. Install light fixtures that help create ambiance while also improving safety in your bathroom. In a small but complicated space like a bathroom, it's helpful to install a combination of pendant, overhead, recessed and sconce fixtures to give yourself many options and ensure that your bathroom is always as well-lit as you need it to be. 

Heated Floors

Heated floors are the ultimate luxury, and can make stepping out of the shower a more enjoyable experience. Heated floors are an efficient way to maintain a comfortable temperature in your bathroom. The heating mechanisms are silent as well, so if you've ever used a wall-unit to heat your bathroom, this quiet feature will be a nice change. 

Semi-Custom Storage Cabinets

Semi-custom storage cabinets keep your bathroom organized and more attractive. Although some homeowners start off thinking they'd like custom cabinetry for their bathroom, semi-custom cabinetry is far more affordable and often the quality is just as good. 

Relaxing Paint Colors

This may seem like a small detail, but choosing the right paint colors for the walls of your bathroom can go a long way to transforming your bathroom into a relaxing retreat. Grays and blues are still common in bathrooms around Connecticut.

Paint samples on the walls before choosing the final color for your bathroom. You'd be surprised how different colors look when painted on the walls compared to the swatches at the paint store. 

Stone Tile

Real stone tile is by far the most desirable type of flooring for Connecticut bathrooms. It's important to choose a bathroom tile that is considered slip resistant and safe for high-moisture spaces. Each type of tile comes with a specific slip rating, so be sure to choose a tile that is rated for the bathroom. 

Create the Luxury Bathroom You've Always Wanted

Work with a Connecticut contractor to create a luxury bathroom where you can find peace and relaxation. Hiring the right contractor for the job is an important first step. You can find a good contractor by vetting multiple professionals, looking at their online portfolio and checking references. Always sign a contract. 

Need guidance? Download the Litchfield Builder guide to hiring a residential contractor, or call us to learn more.

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