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Kevin Ahern

By: Kevin Ahern on May 12th, 2015

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Going Green with Major Renovations with Multiple Rooms

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The following excerpt is from an article found on Home Advisor Pro. It was written by David Johnston. 

If you're preparing to undertake a major renovation that includes multiple rooms, you're entering prime territory for a green remodeling project. Why? The answer is what green remodeling expert David Johnston likes to call "whole systems building." In other words, the greenest project possible is a remodel that is designed Green from the Ground Up.

It ensures that everything from the flooring you choose on up to the insulation you install in your attic and everything in between works together to create the most energy-efficient, health-oriented, comfortable, and environmentally responsible remodel possible.

Choosing the Right Shade of Green for Your Major Renovation

And what if you're not sure about going green through and through? No problem there, either. Any step you take in a green direction while designing and building your renovation is going to be beneficial to your project, be it increasing insulation levels, installing energy-efficient windows, or using safer, healthier building materials. While whole systems building is far and away the greenest way to go, it's certainly not the only option when it comes to incorporating green remodeling into your major renovation project.

Cost vs. Value and Green Remodeling

All major remodeling projects hinge on a budget, and most homeowners facing a major renovation of multiple rooms are rightfully concerned with how much going green might increase project costs. The truth is that it's hard to pin an exact figure on the price of going green. The level of green that each homeowner is willing to commit to varies, as do the individual specifications of a project as wide open as a multiple room renovation. What we can tell you is this:

  • Green remodeling doesn't always mean higher initial costs. Most green building materials are cost-competitive, and in many instances, they're even cheaper than traditional materials.
  • Green building practices often result in quicker build times, which translates to cheaper labor costs.
  • Green remodeling is guaranteed to reduce energy costs— now and in the long term. With the price of energy on the rise, a more energy-efficient home will save you money over the long haul.
  • Determining the true value of a green remodel means shifting your focus beyond dollars and cents.

This last point is an important one. It's what David Johnston refers to as "avoiding the payback trap." Green remodeling places an emphasis on creating healthier indoor living areas; it utilizes long lasting, low-maintenance building materials; and going green is committed at every turn to environmental responsibility.

While it's hard to assign a specific dollar amount to such things, few homeowners can deny the high value of healthier families, time saved by eliminating regular maintenance chores and repairs, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you've done everything you can to pass a better world onto your children and grandchildren.

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