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By: Kevin Ahern on August 29th, 2014

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Remodeling vs. Renovation: The Difference In Under 200 Words

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When you are considering business or home remodeling in Connecticut, you may find yourself confused on what you really need: a remodel or a renovation. In the construction industry these terms are often used interchangeably, but there are a few major differences you need to keep in mind when you start planning your project. Let us explain here in under 200 words!

Remodeling vs. Renovation

Defining Remodeling

Remodeling is a design change, changing the way a room looks or functions. For example, a kitchen remodel might include adding an island and new cooking appliances.

While a remodel may include changes to a home or building’s plumbing, electrical, and structural systems, or even enlarge the size of a room to make it more useful, the goal of a remodel is improved or changed functionality.

Defining Renovation

Renovations on the other hand are a restoration process. When the structure or electrical and plumbing systems in a building are outdated, or beyond repair, a renovation is usually required. For example, a home with a very old plumbing system would undergo a renovation.

In this type of project, the walls, floors, and even ceiling areas may need to be torn out to upgrade or restore the property. A rebuild is a form of renovation where the structure is fully demolished and completely reconstructed. The term renovation can also be used when re-carpeting or painting is performed.

Key Takeaway

With a remodel, the purpose or function of a room is altered or improved. In a renovation, the function remains the same; the condition is merely restored or upgraded.

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