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By: Kevin Ahern on June 11th, 2015

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Custom Deck Trends Your Family Will Love

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With the approach of summer coming fast, now is the time to be readying your home for backyard barbecues and pool parties. It’s at times like this that you may start thinking about installing a new custom deck or replacing your home’s old deck. Knowing your options will allow you to create the right deck for your needs.

Curved Perimeter

Curved perimeters allow your deck addition to take an unusual and unexpected shape, giving your backyard a more organic appearance. Now you can work around your landscaping features, make your deck fit in with your unconventionally shaped back yard, or fit the shape of your deck to the topography of your property. This is a favorite option for homeowners with natural landscaping and unusually shaped yard features, like a pond or sea shore.


Planters can allow gardening enthusiasts to add green, natural beauty to their deck. With planter boxes on the railings and built-in planters on the deck’s surface, you can turn your deck into a natural extension of your yard and garden. Add as many or few planters as you desire in order to achieve the look that you’re hoping for.

Composite Materials

Decks made of composite materials have many advantages over traditional wooden decks. Composite decking material comes in a variety of colors ranging from brown to gray. Now homeowners hoping to make their deck fit in more naturally with the color and appearance of their home have the option of choosing the right color for their deck, or can even choose to install a two or three toned deck. Composite materials also don’t require staining on an annual basis and are less subject to splintering and degradation with time.

Multiple Levels, Customized Zones

Homeowners who want a place for people to sit and talk and a place to grill and cook can customize their deck to feature multiple levels, which a different purpose for each level. Decks with multiple levels and customized zones can serve different purposes at once. This feature is preferable for homeowners who like to throw large parties and entertain frequently.


It’s no longer enough to install a few tiki torches along the perimeter of the deck. New decks are built to feature interesting lighting customizations. Directional lighting can be used to draw attention to the deck posts, railing, wood working, or the seating and eating areas. These conveniences make the deck more functional for longer periods of time, and allow parties and events to go on well into the night.

If you’re hoping to have a functional deck by the time the summer begins, get started today. Contact Litchfield Builders for more information about how your deck can be designed to fit your lifestyle.

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