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Kevin Ahern

By: Kevin Ahern on May 16th, 2024

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Bold Color Palettes: Vibrant Interiors for Connecticut Homes in 2024

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2024 is set to be a year of many changes within the home. Color trends shift regularly, and preferred colors are always changing in small and big ways. While cool grays and stark whites were in fashion for many years, 2024 is shaping up to be a time when bold, vibrant shades take a more prominent position inside spaces in the home.

Most homes benefit from the occasional repainting, both because colors can go out of style and because a fresh coat of paint can make your home look more well maintained and attractive. If this is a year for repainting one or more of the rooms in your home, start thinking about your color palette now. Here's what we're expecting to see in homes in the coming year.  

Warm Neutrals Making a Splash

In 2024, many homeowners will welcome warm neutrals like beige, brown and cream in their home. If you're still attached to grays or have quite a few shades of gray in your home decor, shades of greige (the combination of brown and beige) can be a nice stepping stone into warmer colors overall. 

Neutral colors are popular because they can easily coordinate with furniture and decorative pieces. It's also smart to paint with neutrals if you're planning to sell your home sometime in the next couple of years. Home buyers respond positively to neutrals because of their universal appeal, and because they're more likely to match colors that buyers decorate with. In other words, neutral colors help make your home the kind of turn-key property that buyers want.

Bold Colors Making a Comeback

Bold colors took the backseat for a long time in homes around Connecticut, but today we're starting to see more vibrant shades that add personality to residential spaces. You can use bold colors anywhere in your home, but many homeowners favor painting these colors in parts of the home that are personal spaces, like the bedroom. It's in these spaces where homeowners feel more freedom to express their personality. It's also in these spaces where homeowners feel the need to make the spaces more their own. 

If it's important to you to add vibrant colors to your communal areas (like the living room and kitchen), but you're hesitant to make the space look too bold, consider a less dramatic change. For example, you might paint the crown molding in an unexpected vibrant color, while leaving the walls themselves neutral. Doing this has the effect of expressing your personality while also maintaining a dignified home interior.  

Soothing Blues Setting the Mood

Of all the colors that homeowners could choose, blue is very popular, and for good reasons. Blue is soothing and calming, and when combined with gray, can easily straddle the line between a neutral and non-neutral color. Blues are appropriate in every room of the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom. 

When you're choosing shades of blue, light blues are better in small spaces and in spaces with less natural light. Darker blues work better in rooms with taller ceilings, more natural light, and wider, more open spaces. Choosing the right shade of any color can be difficult, so it's important to paint swatches on your walls to get a sense of what the color really looks like. Don't be afraid to try several swatches before making a decision. 

Comforting Grays Remain Popular

Connecticut homeowners may have been shifting from cool neutrals to other colors, but that doesn't mean they're stepping entirely away from gray. If you're one of the many homeowners who just loves to see gray walls and gray floors, don't be afraid to incorporate this shade in your home. Gray is a classic color that will never truly go out of style. In fact, Behr paint's color of the year, Cracked Pepper, is a deep and moody shade of gray that sets a thoughtful tone. Cracked Pepper pairs well with warm wood furniture and creamy white upholstery. 

Lighter grays remain popular in common areas like the living room, kitchen and bathroom, where neutral colors signal that this part of the home is for everyone. Consider light grays in bathrooms as well, where this this color pairs nicely with soft shades like light blue and sea foam green. 

Check Out the 2024 Paint Color of the Year

Most paint brands produce their own colors of the year. These shades are intended to embody the personality and spirit of the year, and follow trends that shape our home decor.  

You can see the paint colors of the year collected in one place here, or you can visit your local paint store to see swatches of the paint colors in person. You can use these colors as inspiration for your home improvement projects, or you may even find the perfect shade for your home. 

Excited by 2024 Color Trends? Get Started With Repainting

Repainting your home can be a big job, especially if you're planning to paint more than one room at a time. It's important to find the right contractor to get the work done. A good contractor will get the work done when they say'll get it done, and you can trust the results to be long-lasting and high quality. 

Finding a good CT contractor is important, no matter how big or small the job is. Not sure where to get started? Download our free guide to hiring a Connecticut contractor for your home improvement project. 

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