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By: Kevin Ahern on January 14th, 2014

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Home Bathroom Remodeling 101

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Bathroom remodeling is often the farthest thing from your mind. That is unfortunate because remodeling a bath can increase the value of your home and is often an inexpensive home remodeling project. The key to transforming a bathroom is to seamlessly meld function and beauty. Here are a few tips for remodeling outdated bathrooms.


One of the easiest ways to make a design statement and add value to your home is by installing bathroom tile. There are many different types of tile, but all are water, stain, mold, and mildew resistant, making them perfect for use in any bathroom. While porcelain tile is a great option for flooring, glass tile can be used to create a great mosaic backsplash or surround for your bathtub, shower, and sink. Ceramic tile can also be used to dazzle in the shower or as a surround for a new spa tub.

Shower and Bathtub Replacement

In many older homes bathrooms average just five feet by eight feet. In such a small space a shower can overwhelm the room and an out-of-date shower can give the entire space a tired, old feeling. You can replace your current shower with a modern walk-in that has a tile floor to add elegance.

Many homes have a bathtub that is the exact same age as the home itself. Bathtubs can become dingy from age, especially porcelain tubs. When you are replacing your tub, you will have a wide range of materials and designs to choose from. You will be able to choose from acrylic, enameled steel, enameled cast iron, and fiberglass composite.

The designs are nearly limitless, from the basic tub you see in so many homes to contoured spa tubs that make you want to stay in the bath forever. After you have chosen your new tub, you have the option to add a custom surround. Glass tile offers a variety of design options and is easy to clean. Natural stone tile (marble, granite, etc) is a non-traditional option, but can be a unique, custom detail.


Perhaps the most used area of your bathroom is the sink. This is an easy area to show your creativity and design savvy. Switching to a pedestal or vessel sink, replacing the vanity top, or adding a backsplash can bring your sink to the forefront or simply compliment the remainder of the décor. As you replace the sink, be sure to change the faucet as well.

Contrasting Paint

Traditionally bathrooms are painted a single color, usually some shade of white or beige. While that is functional, it can make the space seem smaller and dated. You can visually expand your space by using contrasting paints, something along the lines of a mainly sand room with one wall that is a rich, warm brown. The key is to tie everything together. If you are not confident in your design skills, many bathroom remodeling contractors offer design services as well.

Key Takeaway

Bathroom remodeling can be a great way to increase the value of your home. It can also be a great project to have done during the winter when contractors are more available for small projects. If you hire a contractor that also offers design services, you can be sure that you will be able to make the most of your new space.

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