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By: Kevin Ahern on April 11th, 2014

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5 Prep Steps for Spring Remodeling

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Spring is in the air and the remodeling bug is buzzing. In fact, the National Association of Homebuilders’ Remodeling Market Index (RMI) is at an all-time high. If the renovations bug has bitten you, follow these 5 steps to prepare for your experience with spring remodeling in Connecticut:

1. Develop a Plan

It is important to go into any spring remodeling project with a clear idea of your goals; so do your homework before you start in with any residential construction activities. Consider these important factors while creating your plan:

  • Am I remodeling for myself and my family, or to enhance my home’s resale value? How about curb appeal?
  • Which parts of my home do I want to remodel?
  • Which home remodeling project will bring us the most return on our investment?
  • What style or functions am I trying to achieve with this project?
  • Keep a “stylebook” or collection of pictures from magazines and websites that show the styles and colors you are looking for. (This is very helpful for the residential construction team!)
  • Ask friends and neighbors advice and tips.

Having clear, realistic plans before doing anything else can save time, headaches, and money.

2. Set a Budget

While the planning phase usually includes a lot of dreaming, it is very important to set realistic goals that fit within your budget so that you get the most value for your money. Every time someone goes in for home remodeling in Connecticut, there are bound to be surprises here and there. From unexpected problems in foundational elements in the home to weather delays or challenges with materials, you will have peace of mind if you build some wiggle room into the budget to accommodate the unexpected.

3. Establish a Timeline

While you should also build some extra time into schedule for the unexpected, you certainly do not want your spring remodeling project to hamper any upcoming plans. While you are drawing up your plans in the first place, make sure to be realistic about how long any particular project may take and keep the unexpected in mind. A professional contractor can help you set realistic time expectations.

4. Get the Required Rermits for Remodeling in Connecticut

Once you have a plan and a budget it may be necessary get the required building permits from your local government agency. Each community has its own rules for what requires a building permit, but these are some potential reasons why you might need one:

  • Demolishing a wall in your home
  • Moving a sink
  • Electrical Work
  • A change in your roof line
  • New Housing Addition
  • Adding a Door or Window
  • Parking a Dumpster on the Street
  • Interfering with any utility pipes, lines, or wires.

One of the benefits of working with a professional home remodeling contractor is that they will take care of all of this red tape for you. An experienced, trustworthy contractor will know the laws in your area and know exactly what paperwork must be completed and what permits must be obtained, eliminating a great deal of the hassle for you.

5. Hire a Pro

With more than two decades of expertise in home remodeling in Connecticut, Litchfield Builders can help you avoid construction pitfalls, save money, and guide you through the planning and permit process so that you get a spring remodel that you love for years to come! To request a free initial consultation, click on the banner below.

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