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By: Kevin Ahern on August 4th, 2015

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5 Home Remodeling Projects that can Devalue Your Home

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Not all home remodeling projects add value to your home, in fact, some take away value in small ways. If your idea of a good remodel doesn't match up with a buyer's idea of a good remodel, you could find yourself lowering your home's asking price or find yourself taking out old renovations when it's finally time to sell. These top 5 remodels are the kind of renovations that are likely to devalue your house.

Bathroom Jacuzzi

A few decades ago bathroom Jacuzzis might have been a symbol of success, but these days, bathroom Jacuzzis symbolize excess and high water bills. Home buyers tend to look for water-friendly, green fixtures and features in bathroom remodels. Pass on the Jacuzzi. Low-flow toilets and a vanity made from recycled or reclaimed materials are far more likely to wow buyers.

Gourmet Kitchen

Fancy appliances and unusual kitchen upgrades have a way of pushing up the price of your house without actually bringing buyers calling. This can extend the amount of time it takes to sell your home, and lead you to lower the asking price.

If you're remodeling your kitchen with the idea of selling in a few short years, keep your remodel within the range of what's expected. Buyers may like new kitchens, but aren't willing to pay extra for a lot of specialty features.

Overdone Landscape

Modest, well-maintained landscaping is valuable, but overdone landscaping just screams "maintenance" to potential home buyers. This may be especially true for first-time home buyers who don't know how to landscape properly anyway. Exotic plants, excessive numbers of plants, specimens that require heavy watering or pruning and large garden beds that take away from flat, usable lawn space can all deter buyers who don't want to be responsible for tearing out your beautiful garden and starting over.

Specialty Rooms

Private bowling alleys, specialty green houses, music production studios, dark rooms and other rooms relating to hobbies and favorite activities are a liability when it's time to sell. When buyers see your plant nursery with wall-to-wall shelves and recessed heat lamps, they're going to envision their first tear down project after they move in, and they'll take the cost of that remodel into account when they make their offer.

Poor Quality Renovations

DIY renovations that go wrong need to be fixed. Improperly installed floors, poorly done light fixtures and pipes that aren't to code will stop some buyers in their tracks--especially if these mistakes come up in the home inspection.

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