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Kevin Ahern

By: Kevin Ahern on April 30th, 2015

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5 Commercial Remodeling Trends Every Growing Business Should Know

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Business is looking up this spring, and that means growing businesses are looking for ways to update their shop or office space. And they have three key considerations when looking at Connecticut commercial remodeling ideas: boosting productivity, saving energy and keeping costs down.

5 Must-Know Commercial Remodel Trends That Can Help Your Business Accomplish Those Goals

1. More Natural Light

On average, 21% of a company’s energy bill is gobbled up by lighting, so letting the sunshine in could lower your costs and shrink your business’ carbon footprint considerably. But there’s more: by using the sun instead of bulbs and tubes, you also help your employees work better.

Natural light reduces eye strain and improves mental performance. Some great Connecticut commercial remodel ideas for bringing more natural light into the office include adding glazed windows where possible, but also using skylights, sun tunnels and light shelves in spots where it might not be feasible to add windows.

2. Open + Nooks

Today’s workspace requires more openness and collaboration than ever, so ditch the cubicles and consider spaces with a combination professional/living-room feel. Open spaces also allow more natural light to reach deeper into the workspace.

Try common areas with sofas or bar tables with plenty of space for connecting devices, examining diagrams, etc. Offices are delineated by matte, non-glare glass that may be opaque, but still allows light to filter through for welcoming clients. Don’t forget to include “pods” or “nooks”—quiet, bright spaces where employees can hunker down for on projects without distractions.

3. Color Trends

If you’re doing a Connecticut commercial remodel this year, the color trends include light grays paired with pastel blues, greens or “berry” colors. Occasional pops of bright color, used artistically, are great brain breaks to encourage creativity. The key is to go with lighter shades that reflect natural light—not darker shades that swallow light—so you can get the most of natural sunshine.

4. Streamlining

Streamlining processes saves money, time and energy, so design that into your commercial remodel. Think about how your favorite sandwich shop process works: One sandwich travels efficiently down the line of condiments without running back and forth until it neatly arrives at the point of purchase.

Offices can copy this idea with work stations that include typical supplies everyone needs like hole punches, scissors, staplers, etc. That way people are not constantly losing them or running back and forth to find them. This saves time, energy and money on supplies.

5. Breathe in the Green

Research shows that employee productivity increases and sick days decrease with better air quality. So today’s commercial remodel plans include better ventilation systems and environmentally-friendly building materials that don’t give off sick-making fumes. And make space for lots of air-freshening live plants in your workspace; they reduce stress, boost cognitive alertness and bring out creativity!

If your growing business is looking for Connecticut commercial remodel ideas, contact Litchfield Builders today.

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