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By: Kevin Ahern on March 8th, 2016

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5 Apps to Help You Envision Your Home Remodel


We live in an age when apps can do everything for us, and including help us plan our next home remodel. That's lucky, because home remodeling can be an overwhelming task for many people.

The following 5 apps will help you make the most of your upcoming remodel, by helping you find inspiration, organize your thoughts and put your ideas into viewable images that can be shared with contractors.

Home 3D

This app allows you to input parameters for a home design (how many bathrooms, how many bedrooms, etc), establish a blueprint, then move rooms, doors and windows until you've created a design for a perfect home.

If you're in the middle of a home-building or home addition project, Home 3D is more than a fun app to play around with: it's a useful tool that can be used to develop your fantasies into solid realities, and to convey complex ideas to contractors without needing a degree in draftsmanship.


You've probably been out to the Houzz website. The Houzz app is similar in that it allows you to sort through thousands of pictures of beautifully designed homes. You can search for pictures of homes that have been decorated in particular styles, in particular colors and using special materials. Houzz is an endless source of inspiration as you get started on your home renovation project.

Homestyler Interior Design App

Do you want to know what your bedroom would look like with turquois colored walls and Spanish tile flooring? Are you wondering how different your office would be if you installed several giant bookshelves and hardwood floorboards? Now you can find out. The Homestyler Interior Design app allows you to take pictures of the rooms of your home and change colors, materials and even install some new furniture.


Palettes is a very basic palette creation tool that allows you to pull colors from the world around you and incorporate those colors into your next home design. Want to match your walls to one of your throw pillows? Palettes will allow you to take a photo of that pillow, pinpoint the exact color that you're hoping to capture on your walls, and then build a color palette based on that particular shade.

Palettes is an invaluable app for people who have a hard time matching colors and who feel lost when they're standing in the paint department at the local home improvement center.

iScape and HardScape

For those of you who will be remodeling your outdoor space this spring, the iScape and HardScape apps will help you create a visual model of your landscape. These two apps are listed together because they go hand in hand. iScape adds flora and fauna to your landscape while HardScape can be used to install actual architectural elements to your outdoor spaces. These apps work together on the same renderings, so you can create a fully realized image of what you want your outdoor spaces to look like.

Once you've downloaded your apps, spent time working on your ideas and you're ready to get started on your home remodeling project, call Litchfield Builders. We'll be happy to look over your ideas, discuss your upcoming renovation and give you a quote.