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By: Kevin Ahern on September 11th, 2014

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4 Crucial Things to Do Before Starting A Commercial Construction Project


Commercial construction projects are complex. There are many structural requirements and environmental restrictions that commercial facilities must meet in order to operate legally, especially in the state of Connecticut. Before you jump into a new commercial construction or remodeling project, make sure you take care of these 4 crucial areas!

1. Have Plans Drawn Professionally

While you may have all the ideas for your project in your head or scribbled on notepaper, you need professional drawings completed before any formal plans can be approved or work begins. Professional blueprints will include all the engineering and architectural requirements, as well as details of equipment or interior design involved you need before moving forward.

These plans tell you what building permits are required as well as other important information needed to explore the construction costs. Take the time to look over the building plans to make sure that everything you want or need is included. Changes later can significantly increase your costs and delay your project.

2. Secure Financing

Unless you have ample funding already available, you will need to secure financing to complete the commercial project you have in mind. You may need the services of a construction estimator to get a basic idea of the total cost of your project. Make sure that you arrange cover the highest estimated cost of your project and allow a cushion for the unexpected.

3. Get Contractor Bids

Once you know that you will be able to go ahead with your project, start requesting bids from reliable commercial construction contractors. If you have successfully worked with a construction or remodeling contractor in the past, do request a bid from that company, but make sure you acquire a few additional bids in order to find the ideal cost, materials, and schedule for your organization.

4. Look at the Contract

When it comes to any construction or remodeling, you want to carefully look over the details of the contract before getting started. When it comes to commercial construction in Connecticut or across the country in general, you want your local attorney to go over the contract with you to ensure that every cost, material, and finished detail is outlined.

Overall, before you sign your commercial construction contract make sure that everything meets your needs. Discuss all details with your contractor and get any changes in writing. With this in mind, plan on being a part of the inspection process during each stage of your project. A hands on approach will provide you with better results.

Litchfield Builders has been completing commercial construction projects in New Haven and its surrounding areas for over 20 years. Having won numerous awards for its commercial green building and efficient design, Litchfield Builders has the skill and expertise to breathe new life into your business or organization. Talk to us about your upcoming project to get started today.

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