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By: Kevin Ahern on September 22nd, 2015

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3 Budget Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Projects


Bathroom remodeling projects will improve your home's resale value by an average of 70% return on investment. While the typical cost of a bathroom remodel is almost $17,000, budget-conscious homeowners can still get all the perks of a bathroom remodel for an affordable price. These budget-friendly projects can transform the look of your bathroom without breaking your pocketbook.

Go Vintage

Transform fixtures of the past into hot designs of the present! These tips will help you keep what you’ve got and turn it into something hip.

  • Bathtub resurfacing. That rusty claw foot bath tub can be luxurious and beautiful again with professional resurfacing. Best of all, using your old bathtub can save you thousands of dollars.
  • Repaint your old vanity. Repainting or restaining your old bathroom vanity can save hundreds of dollars on the cost of a replacement vanity. Having the vanity professionally repainted will ensure that the job looks professional and the vanity looks new. Be careful to pick paint colors true to the vanity’s decade of origin to help retain the look of authenticity.
  • Shop flea markets. If you do find yourself shopping for one or two bathroom fixtures or faucets, check out flea markets and antique stores to maintain the look of a retro bathroom and save money in the process.

Make Small Changes

High-end items like bathtubs and bathroom vanities come with a big price tag, but you can make a big difference by making smaller, less expensive changes.

  • Replace the sink. Instead of tearing out the whole vanity, replace the sink with a stylish new vessel. While you're at it, try updating the counter for an all-new look.
  • Install new faucets. New faucets and a new shower head can transform the sink and bathtub. Install low-flow fixtures to save water and you can recoup some of your costs over time.
  • Repaint. Applying a fresh coat of paint is the perfect way to update your bathroom for a relatively low price.

Let There Be Light

Introducing new light to your bathroom makes the whole space feel more clean, airy and open. There are several ways that you can make this small improvement.

  • Replace the light fixture. Replace that old single-bulb fixture with a casual and chic chandelier. With multiple bulbs, you can make that small space seem less claustrophobic.
  • Replace opaque shower doors with clear glass. This is the perfect way to let light into the darker recesses of your bathroom. Replacing the shower doors with clear glass can also make your bathroom feel larger.
  • Install new mirrors. Mirrors bounce light around the room while also adding visual depth and interest.

Looking for a few more budget-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas? Contact a trusted general contractor with a reputation for excellence. Litchfield Builders has been in business for over 20 years, and we know how to work within a budget and while delivering quality service and workmanship.

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