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Kevin Ahern

By: Kevin Ahern on July 23rd, 2015

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5 Ways to Add Space to your Small Connecticut Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling | Residential

Small bathrooms can make big problems for homeowners. These 5 remodel tips will help you add space, or the appearance of space, to your small Connecticut bathroom.

Go Mini

Normal bathroom fixtures like normal sink and vanity combinations and full-sized bathtubs and toilets can take up a lot of space that your small bathroom doesn't have. Installing smaller versions of these fixtures can free up extra floor space and make your bathroom seem more spacious. Examples of smaller-than-normal fixtures you can install in your small bathroom include:

  • Pedestal sink. Pedestal sinks address the space issue by removing the vanity entirely and leaving only the sink behind.
  • Soaking tub. Japanese soaking tubs are cup-shaped, freestanding bathtubs that take up less space than traditional attached bathtubs. They're also more luxurious and a little bit exotic, calling to mind associations with free-standing claw foot bathtubs.
  • Wall-mounted toilet. Residential wall mounted toilets have the toilet tank set into the wall, so they automatically take up only about two-thirds the space of freestanding toilets.

Add Custom Cabinetry

Reducing clutter is an important part of making small spaces seem less claustrophobic. You may not be able to get rid of all your toiletries, but you can at least give them a place to hide. Adding custom cabinetry to the walls will help you get your toiletries out of eyesight and safely put away. Standard-depth cabinets take up too much room in a small bathroom. Installing shallow cabinets can give you a place to hide your clutter without taking up too much square footage.

Make Use of Corners

Corners tend to be under utilized spaces in bathrooms. Adding a triangular-shaped corner vanity can help you make good use of one of your bathroom corners and reduce the amount of space currently occupied by your bathroom vanity.

Install Dramatic Lighting

Bright, glaring lights can make the walls of small rooms seem closer and more confining. To prevent or correct this problem, install many small light sources all around the bathroom. Recessed lights, dangling lights, even wall-mounted lanterns can create dazzling visual effects that illuminate spaces without exacerbating space issues.

Tear Down Barriers

Shower curtains and walls that separate toilets from the rest of the room can work in larger bathrooms. In small bathrooms, these features create visual barriers that can make your small bathroom seem tiny. Replace your shower curtain with glass shower doors for a more open, airy bathroom layout. If your toilet is hidden behind a small wall that breaks the bathroom into zones, have it removed.

For more tips about how you can make your small bathroom seem larger and more spacious, speak with a general contractor today. Residents of the New Haven, Connecticut area can contact Litchfield Builders, New Haven's premiere general contractors.

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