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By: Kevin Ahern on April 19th, 2016

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What is Upcycling and How Can You Incorporate It Into Your Next Remodel


Upcycling, the practice of breathing new life into old discarded objects, is one of the latest trends in the environmentally-friendly-thrifty homeowner craze. The idea behind upcycling is that just about anything can be creatively repurposed into something else, with the proper vision and tools. The genius behind upcycling is that it can save you money, if you use items found around your own home. Upcycling is especially appropriate in homes decorated with a bohemian, artisty flare, and in rooms that skew toward the shabby-chic.

If you're thinking about incorporating upcycled objects in your home redecorating and remodeling projects this spring, these ideas can help you get started. As you get started, don't forget to gather the proper tools. Sandpaper, paint, glue, sponges, nails, screws, a hammer, screwdriver, a bucket, and rags can all come in handy when upcycling old items.

Use Tires in the Landscaping

Tires are frequently used in landscaping because they're large and durable. Simply laying tires on the ground and filling them with soil turns them into very durable and effective pots for planting flowers (but not vegetables, because of the chemicals in the rubber). If you have a need for stepping pavers along an incline, stack tires on the ground and fill them with soil to hold them in place. If you're hoping for a hanging potter, simply nail a tire to a wall and fill the bottom portion with soil. One tip: paint the tires to make them more attractive.

Transform Wine Bottles

Wine bottles are useful in a million ways. They can be transformed into candle holders, chandeliers, lamps, vases, hummingbird feeders, and planter waterers. If you're thinking about transforming your wine bottles into something else, best to keep on hand glass cutters. As you start saving your wine bottles and searching for new ways to incorporate them into your home interior design, don't forget that wine bottles can even be used as building materials.

Make Furniture from Old Suitcases

Old suitcases have many uses because they're large and bulky like tables and can be used to contain things for storage. They also have an air of romance, they remind people of the places they've traveled and the experiences they've had on the road. You can turn an old suitcase into a table by simply stacking it on a couple other suitcases of a similar size. Screwing them together will help ensure that the stack stays stable and upright.

Give Old Crates New Life

Old crates are perfect for upcycling because they can be used in an upright position for storage, turned upside down to be used as a stool, or stacked on top of one another to be made into a table. When using old crates for your upcycling projects, don't forget to sand down the wood to prevent splinters.

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