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By: Kevin Ahern on September 15th, 2016

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The Ultimate Holiday Home Remodeling Guide


In winter, starting a remodeling or construction project is usually the last thing on the minds of home and business owners, primarily because of the weather and the upcoming holidays. Many property owners cringe at the idea of removing walls or having muddy and snowy tracks dragged through their home and assume that outdoor remodeling is not a possibility.

Many property owners cringe at the idea of removing walls or having muddy and snowy tracks dragged through their home and assume that outdoor remodeling is not a possibility.
However, there are several benefits to planning a home remodel that you might not be aware of. To help you get started, we have laid some out below.

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Unexpected Perks of Winter Remodeling

What many people don’t realize is that there are a variety of unexpected benefits to remodeling during the wintertime. Below, you will find some of the major benefits that we believe to be some of the main reasons you should consider a winter remodel.

Flexibility: General contractors and construction companies have more flexible schedules when things slow down for the winter. In fact, many contractors have so much availability in winter that remodels can be scheduled quickly, and with a larger percentage of their own workforce free, may even be finished more quickly.

Lower Prices: When the demand for remodeling services goes up, so do the prices. Lower demand during the winter means lower prices. Property owners seeking deals can do well in winter. With many contractors available to do work in the winter, some companies will offer sales and other incentives to potential customers. In addition, labor costs go down by as much as $0.33 per hour in January, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With supplies piling up in warehouses, the cost of materials can also be lower. In addition, companies selling appliances and lighting fixtures run holiday sales and year-end closeout sales as they make room for new inventory.

Work Can Be Done During Holiday Vacations: It’s not uncommon for homeowners in Connecticut to travel during the holidays or the cold winter months. While traveling, homeowners can hire contractors to remodel their home while it sits empty. It’s the height of convenience: homeowners go away to a warm tropical island for Christmas, and return to a remodeled home.

Get Ready for Spring: Why waste your spring or summer waiting for an outdoor project to be completed? Wouldn’t you rather be enjoying that new porch or extension when the sun’s out? If the weather cooperates, you can complete your outdoor remodeling projects during the winter and have them good to go by the time spring rolls around.



Free Checklist: 3 Phases to Planning a Successful Home Remodel

Preparing Your House for the Winter

Before you begin planning your holiday remodel this winter, it’s crucial that you prepare your home for the cold Connecticut winters. Now is the time to inspect and service the systems that protect your home from cold temperatures and winter precipitation. This checklist will help you stay on track as you prepare for the cold and snow to come.

Clean and Repair Your Fireplace: If you used your fireplace last winter and are expecting to use it again this winter, now is the time to have it cleaned and inspected by a professional. A chimney repair company should clean any deposits of creosote that may have built up in your chimney and inspect the chimney for cracks in the lining and mortar. If your chimney inspector makes recommendations for repair, have those done before you start using the fireplace for the season.

Insulate Windows and Doors: Non-insulated windows and doors can raise your utility bills and cost you hundreds over time. Installing weather stripping is an easy way to prevent drafts from entering your home. Weather stripping materials are available for sale at home improvement centers. If your utility bills are always very high in winter, weather stripping may not be enough to keep your home warm and cozy all season long. Meet with a contractor to find out about replacing or repairing old doors and single-pane windows.

Remodeling Projects to Consider Before the Holidays

The holidays are coming up fast! If you’re thinking about entertaining guests in your home this holiday season, now is the time to think about the remodeling projects and improvements you’d like to see made to your home before company arrives.

Kitchen Upgrade: It’s hard to prepare a large meal in a kitchen that’s too small or lacking the appropriate amenities. Whether your kitchen needs new cabinetry, appliance upgrades, extra food preparation space, or better lighting, now is the time to start on this home improvement. Before you meet with your contractor, make a list of all the issues you experience related to the use of your kitchen. Giving this information to your contractor will help your contractor gives suggestions for improvement.

Bathroom Remodel: Whether your relatives are coming for an afternoon or for an extended stay, you’re going to need all the bathrooms in your home to be fully functioning and ready to serve. While you’re at it, now is a good time to upgrade your fixtures to low-flow models, so you won’t use as much water during your relatives’ visit.

Floor Refinishing or Carpeting: Scratched hardwood and stained carpeting can be an embarrassment, especially when your relatives come for the holidays. Now is the time to refinish your hardwood floors or replace your carpeting, so your home will look beautiful when it’s time to entertain your family members.

Insulation Improvement: It will be difficult to keep your home comfortable for your guests and relatives if your home’s insulation isn’t adequate for your needs. Poor insulation tends to be a problem in older homes because building codes and insulation requirements change over time. If your home is several decades old, have the insulation inspected for necessary upgrades.

Basement Finishing: If you’re having a hard time figuring out where you’re going to put all your guests at the holidays, it could be time to add on to the usable space in your home. Finishing your basement will give you plenty of room for your many relatives, and when the holidays are over, you’ll have an extra spot in your home where you can store those new holiday gifts.

Siding Replacement: Will you be lighting up the front of your home this holiday season? If so, now is the time to repair or replace your siding. With all eyes on your home’s exterior, it would be a shame to spoil the view with peeling paint or damaged siding.

Around the House: Spruce up your guest room with better closet storage or more privacy. You might even consider adding an extra bathroom to accommodate guests.Changing old light fixtures is a smart way to spruce up your home. Consider sconce lighting for walls or automatic lighting for entranceways. The right lighting will add beauty and ambiance for both large and small entertaining needs.

The most important part of your home remodeling project is choosing the right company in Connecticut to complete the project for you. You do not want to work with a company that leaves you with a half-finished job right before the holidays. Choose a remodeling contractor with a proven track record of on-time and on-budget completion and satisfied clients, like Litchfield Builders.

3 Phases to Planning a Home Remodel