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By: Kevin Ahern on May 19th, 2016

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Top Inspirational Home Remodeling Accounts to Follow on Instagram


It seems like everyone is passionate about home renovation these days, which may be why so many home remodeling and DIY buffs enjoy posting their adventures on social media sites like Instagram. If you're someone who enjoys social media, is passionate about home renovation, loves pictures and likes to "follow" people who have something valuable to contribute on the Internet, the following Instagram sites are definitely for you.


Eco Brooklyn is a design firm that specializes in the reconstruction of brownstone homes in New York using environmentally friendly materials. Their posts are a mixture of remodeling images and pictures of New York.


This Instagram feed mixes images of a design firm building eco-friendly design structures throughout Mexico with city streets of Mexico, Mexican food restaurants and more.


This Instagram feed features images of homes that range from ultramodern to vintage, and sometimes a mixture of the two. This site features more of a focus on interiors than many other sites like it, so you'll get your money's worth if you sign up for this one.


You'll see a lot of East Coast-style older homes and shots of home DIY craft projects in this one. This is a practical guide for people who own older homes and would like to retain the old world look and feel.


Cooper Design Builders is a Portland-based design firm that often shows the step-by-step process of their remodeling projects. This company works on everything from condos to older homes, and their Instagram feed features a lot of modest but beautiful design choices.


The Makerista purports to make "everything and anything (except dinner)." ...and she does seem to make a lot of things. Watch her as she redecorates her house and experiments with materials in an easy to follow way.


This "interiors and lifestyle blogger" balances the two different subjects nicely, featuring a nice mixture of events in her own life with shots of interiors that show off her home decor and design projects.


You'll see lots of shots of flowery displays and urban interiors in this West Coast-inspired Instagram feed. This is the perfect collection of images for people who want to go city-chic with their remodeling and renovation projects.

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