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Kevin Ahern

By: Kevin Ahern on January 21st, 2016

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Your Top 5 Commercial Remodeling Questions Answered


Business owners often have many questions when they decide to undertake a commercial remodel. These questions can span a range. Knowing the answers to these questions can help the business owners make informed decisions regarding their upcoming remodel. In this post, we put together the 5 most popular questions from local business owners about their upcoming commercial remodels.

Is it possible to conduct a remodel while keeping your business open?

Often, commercial clients are able to keep their businesses open while their remodel is taking place. However, doing so involves careful planning with the general contractor. In some cases, clients who choose to keep their business open while their remodel is taking place find that their remodel takes longer than if they had simply closed their business down for the duration of the renovation. This is because the remodel must be finished in sections, in order for the business to remain functional.

What's the best way to go green during a commercial remodel?

There isn't a "best" way to go green--there are many ways that an eco-friendly commercial remodel can take place. Below are just a few ways that you can make your commercial remodel as green as possible:

  • Use sustainable or recycled materials.
  • Install low-energy fixtures.
  • Replace old appliances with newer, more efficient appliances.

To find out more about how your commercial remodel can be made environmentally friendly, talk to your contractor.

If the business remains open during the renovation, can the work be hidden from clients?

Depending on the circumstances, sometimes the work may be kept hidden from clients. However, clients will often hear work being conducted, and may be able to tell that work is taking place because of evidence like odors and parked trucks on the premises. It's a good idea to talk to customers to let them know the work is taking place, even if it's being kept hidden.

How can you ensure that your commercial remodel conforms to all local codes?

Your contractor should have a intimate knowledge of local codes. If your commercial remodel is done correctly, your contractor will tell you about the local codes and will talk to you about the ways in which your renovation must conform to those codes. If your contractor seems to have little knowledge of these codes, the best thing that you can do is find a new contractor.

How can you pick the right contractor for your remodel?

Picking the right contractor for your commercial remodel can be an extensive process. To begin with, you'll need to choose a handful of contractors to meet you at your business and discuss your upcoming plans. After talking to the contractors about the changes you'd like to make, ask each contractor what he or she would do to make your remodel take place.

Your contractor should be able to give a detailed explanation of what steps he or she would take to make all the changes to your business. With this done, your contractor should submit a bid for the work. You should pick whichever contractor is able to answer your questions to your satisfaction and is charging a price that you can afford. For more information, contact Litchfield Builder.

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