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Kevin Ahern

By: Kevin Ahern on May 14th, 2015

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Remodeling Tips: 8 Ways to Save Space in Your Kitchen

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A well organized kitchen can have charm and grace, but kitchens that make bad use of space can become claustrophobic, disorganized and unpleasant. Hopefully your kitchen uses smart space saving techniques to ensure a clean and uncluttered environment.

If it doesn’t, you can fix the problem with the right remodel. Utilizing the following techniques, your kitchen can double its storage space.

8 Remodeling Tips to Save Space in Your Kitchen

Use Open Shelving: Unlike enclosed cabinetry, open shelving allows you to store any kitchen item of nearly any size or shape, giving you ultimate flexibility to store what you want where ever you want. Install open shelving in multiple areas of your kitchen so you can have a place to store those kitchen items that happen to be an unusual shape or size.

Install an Island: The open space in the middle of your kitchen could be better utilized by installing an island. In addition to the fact that your island can be used to store your kitchen pots, pans and utensils, your island will also provide valuable work space.

Build Up, Not Out: You probably have a lot of unused space in your kitchen near the ceiling. Build your cabinetry to the top of the room to ensure that every inch of available space is utilized. While you’re at it, invest in ceiling storage options. Storage racks allow you to make use of the unused air above your stove or kitchen island.

Invest in Smart Cabinetry: Slide-out pantries, spice cabinets and lazy susans are just a few of the space-saving cabinet options that you could install in your kitchen to reduce clutter and save space on your countertops and shelves. In addition, custom-built cabinets allow you to utilize every extra bit of space in your kitchen.

Invest In Folding Wall Tables: Folding wall tables can be pulled down when you need them, then put back up when you’re done. Folding tables are especially helpful when multiple people are working in the kitchen at once, and can also be helpful when you’re entertaining at home.

Install A Kitchen Bump-Out: A kitchen bump-out can provide you with extra space to move your kitchen table over, which will in turn give you more space to install an island or more kitchen cabinets.

Invest In Creative Wall Storage: Hanging racks aren’t just good on ceilings—they also work on the walls. And in addition to hanging racks, magnetic strips and hooks are also useful for storing items that might otherwise take up space on your contertops or in your cabinets.

Build-In Storage for Seating: Folding chairs are great if you have a place to put them. Build in a space underneath your countertops or kitchen island for storing those extra chairs in your kitchen, so you can get your chairs out of the way when you need them to be gone.

For more tips, consult with an experienced contractor about space-saving ways that you can remodel your kitchen. Connecticut residents can contact Litchfield Builder, New Haven's premier general contractor.

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