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By: Kevin Ahern on October 27th, 2015

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How to Pick the Best Kitchen Cabinets


So, you're remodeling your kitchen? You probably didn't realize how many kitchen cabinet options there were until it came time to decide which one is right for you.

Modern homeowners install kitchen cabinet styles ranging from modern to traditional, trendy to classic. Before you pick the cabinets for you, it's important to understand your choices, including the pros and cons of each.

Traditional Wood

There's probably not much that can be said that you don't already know about traditional wood cabinets. Wood cabinets can be made in a range of styles and can be made from different types of wood. Different woods accept stain in different ways, which means that if you're planning to stain your wooden cabinets in a dark color, you'll want to be sure to choose a type of wood that accepts stain well, like oak or maple.

Wooden kitchen cabinets are neither trendy nor boring, but simple, classic, and almost expected in most homes. If you're the kind of homeowner that doesn't like to take risks or appreciates a kitchen with classic charm, wooden cabinets are right for you.

Flat Panel

Flat panel cabinets can be made from wood or metal. Flat panel cabinets are distinguished by their utter lack of decoration, hence the name "flat panel." Flat panel cabinets have a modern aesthetic quality that really belongs in kitchens where the decor is minimalist and contemporary. It's also worth noting that some flat panel cabinetry also has the advantage of utilizing sliding doors instead of doors that open wide, which can be very practical in small galley kitchens.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is all the rage. Look inside any home decor magazine that focuses on interior design and you'll see kitchen walls with open shelving. The reason that open shelving is so popular at the moment is because it can help make your kitchen seem more open and spacious. However, anyone considering installing open shelving in their kitchen should take into account the fact that open shelving requires dishes to be attractive and well-organized at all times. In addition, open shelving exposes the dishes to dust on a daily basis. Dishes stored on open shelving must be cleaned if not used often.

Many homeowners who install open shelving in their kitchen still use closed cabinetry to hold the majority of their dishes. Closed cabinetry keeps the dishes dust-free. Also, dishes in closed cabinetry doesn't have to look good all the time, which can be nice if you put away your dishes in a hurry.

Behind Glass

Cabinetry with glass doors or windowed doors makeds an excellent compromise between closed wooden cabinets and open shelving. For homeowners who want the visibility of open shelving, but don't want the constant maintenance and upkeep, glass door cabinets are the solution.

For more information about which cabinets are right for your kitchen remodel, contact your contractor with Litchfield Builders. Your contractor can talk to you about your options and help you pick the best kitchen cabinets for your home.

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