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By: Kevin Ahern on August 18th, 2016

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What You Need to Know About Hiring a Design Build Contractor

Commercial | Residential

Many property owners seeking a new structure or home to be built choose to work with design-build contractors. Knowing some of the basics about design-build contractors and how to go about hiring one can help you get started on your home building project.

What is a Design Build Contractor?

A design-build contractor is a contractor that designs structures for clients and then builds them. Design-build contractors can build residential houses and commercial buildings. Clients seeking innovative designs in the form of functional structures may benefit from working with a design-build contractor.

What is the Difference Between a Design Build Contractor and an Architect?

Architects don't build, they only design. When a client needs a new structure such as a new house or commercial building, they can either work with an architect and a contractor, or they can work with a design build contractor. Design-build contractors can complete both ends of the project.

How Can You Pick the Right Design-Build Contractor for You?

The best way to pick a design-build contractor is by following these steps:

  • Call reputable design-build contractors in your area. It's important to work with design build contractors who are licensed and have a reputation for excellence in your community.
  • Meet with design-build contractors to discuss your ideas. Meeting with multiple candidates can help you distinguish the good contractors from the bad. Ask many questions during the meetings, so you'll have information that you can use to judge which contractors were the best.
  • Request portfolios of work. Your design-build contractor should be able to show you pictures of work that relates to the work you'd like to have done. If your contractor can't show you any pictures of old work, ask him or her to talk about previous jobs that relate to your own, and then ask for references. Talking to references is a good way to get a sense of how each contractor deals with clients.

How Is Working with a Design Build Contractor Better Than Working with an Architect-Contractor combination?

Working with an architect can get costly. Architects incur a separate cost from the building project, and they charge by the hour. If your architect must make changes mid-project, or if your design will not work on your budget, you could incur costly changes.

Design-build contractors design exactly what they know they can build. It's easier for design-build contractors to stay in budget because they have the real-world experience it takes to plan a building project from start to finish. As a result, design build contractors can keep costs down and know how to work with the needs of the client.

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