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By: Kevin Ahern on April 6th, 2016

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Elements of a Perfect Backyard Patio


Your home’s backyard patio is supposed to be a place of comfort, relaxation and enjoyment, but when the patio of your home doesn’t meet your expectations, it can be hard to enjoy your outdoor space.

If you feel like you're missing out on valuable time spent outside, now is the time to start your design of the perfect backyard patio. For anyone thinking about redesigning their patio this summer, this post will cover some of the basic elements of a perfect backyard patio in Connecticut.

Sun Protection

That summer sun in New England can get uncomfortably intense. Sun protection can help. Sun protection for a patio can take many forms, from a permanent roof to a canvas shade to a pergola. Each type of roof has its own advantages. While a shade canvas can easily be cleaned, taken down or changed, a pergola can support greenery and a permanent roof provides structural stability. You can pick whichever type works best for you.


Proper lighting on your patio enables you to enjoy your patio at all hours of the day. Now you can have meals under the moon and late night drinks with friends while crickets chirp peacefully in the background. For safety, it's important to have your electrical outdoor lighting installed by a licensed electrician.

Shade and Privacy

Shade and privacy are both important elements for a patio. Without shade and privacy, your outdoor patio could feel exposed and uncomfortable, and the temperature could be difficult to regulate. Like the roof of your patio, shade and privacy can be achieved in a variety of ways. Moveable screens, permanent walls and living walls covered in a dense layer of ivy are all possibilities for your patio. The best choice for your patio's walls will depend on your specific needs and what will best match the style of your home.

Professional Landscaping

Installing professional landscaping in your backyard around your patio is one of the most effective ways you can make your backyard patio more attractive and pleasant. This is important because it establishes something for you to look at and makes time spent on the patio seem more worthwhile. Having professional landscaping installed, with architectural elements, garden lighting, pathways and well-chosen plants will help ensure that your backyard landscaping is as pleasant as possible.


Some homeowners look for extra amenities for their backyard patios. From a fireplace, to a kitchen area to a fire pit, installing extra luxuries on your backyard patio will help ensure that your outdoor space is as comforting and enjoyable as possible.

If you're hoping to get the perfect backyard patio installed on your property this summer, now is the time to talk to contractors in your area. For help in and around the community of New Haven, contact us today! We'll be happy to come to your home, make suggestions whenever appropriate and give you a quote for services as needed.