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By: Kevin Ahern on November 12th, 2015

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How to Create A Perfect Modern Style Living Room


Modern building styles focus on functionality and simplicity of design. Found in residential spaces, modern designs tend to make rooms look bigger, spacious and uncluttered. If you're hoping to capture a sense of modernity in your living room during your upcoming remodel, these tips will help.

Build In Spaces for Modern Conveniences

While built-in shelving is a cornerstone of traditional architecture and design, you can create a modern twist by building in cabinets to house modern conveniences like your television, stereo and gaming system. Remember that modern designs value a clean, minimalist aesthetic. To stay in keeping with these priorities, install a sliding cabinet door over the opening, so you can close up and hide your entertainment system when it's not in use.

Maximize Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is flattering and green, which makes it the perfect choice for a modern living room. Use oversized or even floor-to-ceiling windows to show off magnificent views from your home. If your views are lacking a "wow" factor, consider installing a window with an abstract stained glass design to allow natural light into your home and to make up for the lack of a view. While you're at it, install skylights to brighten dark corners.

Keep the Floor Plan Open

Open floor plans are a favorite of modern homeowners because they allow family members to spend time together while engaging in separate activities. To achieve this in your modern living room, talk to your contractor about knocking down a few non-load bearing around in your living room. If you wish to remove load bearing walls, talk to your contractor about having supportive pillars installed in your living room.

Install Modern Light Fixtures

Modern lighting options run the gamut in terms of style and design. From track lighting to recessed lighting to chandeliers and more, you have a range of options at your disposal. Installing many different types of light fixtures in one space ensures that you’ll always have exactly the right kind of lighting to set the desired mood. Having many different lighting options in one room is also environmentally friendly because it allows you to light only the space that you want to light without illuminating the entire room.

Make Space for Art

Building in recessed spaces on the walls for large pieces of modern art allows you to showcase the paintings, photographs and sculptures that you’ve collected over time. Creating spaces on your walls specifically for art also gives you the chance to install lighting fixtures specifically directed at those spaces, so that your living room will be the perfect viewing area for those favorite art pieces.

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