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By: Kevin Ahern on October 22nd, 2015

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Create A Bedroom Your Child Can Grow Into


You only want to remodel a child’s bedroom so many times. Actually, you really only want to do it once, if at all possible. Luckily, you can do it only once if you choose the right accessories and storage options. With a multi-purpose layout and flexible fixtures, your child’s bedroom can last for the duration of his or her time in your home.

Built-In Storage

Every kid needs storage—a lot of storage, in fact. Built-in storage features that start at the ground and work up toward the ceiling ensure that your child’s play things and clothing will always have the perfect home.

When your child is very small, low shelves and cabinets will serve to hold all that your child needs to be able to access on his or her own, while you store off-season clothing in the upper reaches. When your child grows, he or she will have full access to the shelves and cabinets above.

“Fun” Lighting

Toddlers just don’t appreciate fun light fixtures, but they do need light fixtures all the same. And when your toddler grows into a tween who cares more about personal expression, that multi-colored glass ball chandelier you had installed will start to look really cool.

Convertible Storage

Toddlers need baskets for toy bins, but older kids need book shelves. Installing deep book cases with moveable shelves will allow you to adjust your storage options as your child ages. When your child is young, those bookcases can hold baskets with toys inside. When your child is older, the book cases can hold books, trophies and knick-knacks.

Smart Color Choices

Unless you want to repaint and redecorate your child’s room every two years or so, avoid garish, childish colors. Earth, but bright hues like navy, avocado and raspberry are all colors that will appeal to young children and growing tweens.

Sleeping Loft

Install a sleeping area over the closet where your child can put a bunk bed when he or she is old enough. This is a neat idea, because it turns your child’s space into a kind of playground he or she can explore—and it’s a good space-saver in a small bedroom. Until your child can sleep up there, use that space for decorations or storage.

Pick a Theme for an Older Kid

Little kid themes, such as “clowns” or “ballerinas,” are unlikely to be desirable when your child gets older. Older child themes like “outdoors” or “travel” or “geography” have universal appeal. Install a big picture on one wall that supports the theme. Avoid painting cartoonish murals, because this something your child will get tired of when he or she hits about 10.

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