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By: Kevin Ahern on February 9th, 2016

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Cost Guide for a Connecticut Office Fit-Up


Planning for an office fit-up can be difficult for many companies. Establishing a budget is one of the first steps in beginning the project, but without any idea of what to expect, making a realistic budget is almost impossible. In this post, we'll explore some of the costs of an office fit-up in Connecticut, and discuss ways that costs associated with your office fit-up can be controlled.

The Price Range For a Typical Fit-Up

Office fit-ups can span a wide range of costs. The price for a standard office space can start at prices as low as $39 per square foot, and can be as high as $48 per square foot. These costs cover HVAC installation, office carpeting and wood veneer doors. Typical price quotes for an office fit-up assume that the office space will be largely open, with some enclosed offices tucked in at the sides of the space.

Mid-range office space can go up to prices as high as $67 per square foot, and will accommodate a glass office front, carpet tiles and a slightly more extensive electrical service.

Executive-level office space can cost as much as $140 per square foot, and includes premium-grade architectural elements, custom millwork, granite countertops and more.

Controlling Costs

As with anything, the price of your office fit-up will be determined by the materials you choose to use and the thoroughness of the work. For businesses on a budget, the best way to ensure that your office fit-up works within your budget is to work closely with an experienced contractor who knows how to control costs and who understands your needs.

Controlling costs can be done in a variety of ways. Limiting the scale of a project, using inexpensive materials and sticking to an open floor plan (versus creation of individual offices) are all ways that you can keep your office fit-up within your business's budget.

Reusing materials in the original office space is another way that commercial enterprises can control the costs of their office fit-up. By using existing ductwork, lighting, electrical work and more, business owners can save thousands of dollars on their fit-up budget.

Know Who To Contact

For more information about pricing your office fit-up in the New Haven area, contact Litchfield Builders. Our commercial building experience ranges from fit-ups to construction of all-new structures. Contact us today for a walkthrough of your existing office space and a quote of expected costs for your office project.Commercial Construction Trends and Predictions