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By: Kevin Ahern on June 18th, 2015

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Connecticut Home Exterior Renovations to Plan This Summer


Connecticut home exterior renovations are important if you’re hoping to boost your home’s curb appeal and improve property values. Old landscaping and decking have a way of becoming tired and neglected, so making updates periodically can breathe new life into the appearance of your home. These tips will help you renovate your landscaping and decking to make it more attractive and better for your home’s property value.

Add a Pathway

Pathways prevent your lawn from becoming trampled. In addition, a pathway that leads straight to your door can draw attention to your home’s entrance, which can make your house seem more inviting. Pathways can be used to provide divisions between different sections of your yard, giving your yard the appearance of order and organization.

Install Lighting

Lighting is important for many reasons. By lighting the dark corners of your yard at night, proper lighting can make your home more secure. Exterior illumination allows members of your household to walk more safely on well-lit paths in the dark and during inclement weather, which reduces the chances for slips, trips and falls. Finally, outdoor lighting just makes your house look more beautiful and inviting after the sun goes down. Installing outdoor lighting that accentuates the distinctive features of your house and garden boosts your curb appeal and ensures that your home looks its best at all hours of the day.

Add a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls add usable space to properties that are built on a slope. Whether you’re hoping to install a basketball court, a pool, patio or several hundred square feet of garden, a retaining wall will allow you to build up your yard and level it out. This gives your family more space to spread out and entertain. Properly done, retaining walls also look attractive and can line the perimeter of your lawn with beautiful stone work.

Replace or Add Decking

Decks are all the rage because they’re so flexible in their usefulness. Whether you’re hoping to have a barbecue or go sunbathing, paint a picture or spend time meditating, your deck is the perfect spot for spending time alone and with others. A properly constructed deck will also add value by simply looking good with your home’s surroundings. Depending on how old it is and how well you’ve maintained it, you might be able to repair your existing deck. However, if your home has no deck, it’s time to start thinking about adding one.

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