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Chris Jackson

By: Chris Jackson on February 9th, 2021

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The Commercial Remodeling Tools Every Contractor Needs

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It is essential to have complete proper tools to make everything convenient and avoid any construction remodeling projects. However, this is something that most newbies might have a hard time deciphering. With the numerous equipment available in the market, one might confuse which are essential from just miscellaneous. 

Here are some of the best commercial remodeling tools according to their uses to help you know which ones you should prepare for your construction project.

Commercial Tools For Safety

Ensuring your safety while working on your remodeling project is essential for your protection. With these safety tools, you can now work without worrying about minor incidents.

1. Safety Glasses

The first thing you should always have while working is appropriate safety gear to protect you from debris and dust. Because you will have to cut drywall and woods, there will undoubtedly be some dust particles that may get in and damage your eyes. For protection, use some comfortable and lightweight safety glasses that will not obstruct your field of vision. If your mirrors give you a pressure headache while wearing them, change it to something that will suit you.

2. Lung Protection Masks

Inhaling chemicals and drywall particles is not safe for your lungs and may cause some complications in the long run. Whether it is a large-scale demolition or small project, you should always wear a respirator or lung protection masks that are both comfortable and safe to use. Choose those with several filters and including those for chemical fumes.

3. Work gloves

When working on a tough job that requires you to handle heavy or unpolished woods and surfaces, it will help to use working gloves. Choose those with leather or thick padding that will protect your palm, knuckles, and fingers from abrasion and blunt force.

4. Earmuffs

Working on construction projects, especially with power tools, can be too loud for your ears. When you need to work with shop vacuums, drills, and power saws, make sure to use earmuffs or earplugs.

Commercial Tools For Demolition

When you are at the demolition stage, there are some tools that you shouldn’t live without. These things will help you make your work quicker and more convenient. Here are some of them:

1. Pry Bars

When working on a demolition job, it will require you to use crowbar or pry bars. They can pry most nails and are handy when removing old wood or tile flooring. They come in many sizes for different applications that you need. For starters, make sure to equip yourself with one medium-size crowbar around 1.5 to 2 inches long. You also buy a smaller and flat pry bar for other uses.

2. Hammers

Tough demolition jobs will require you to use various types of hammers. One of these is the standard claw hammer that you can use for pulling and knocking small nails. You should also use a mini-sledgehammer when you are working on stubborn tasks such as wood support beams. Last but not least, make sure to buy a full-size sledgehammer that will work on brickworks. 

3. Trim Puller

If you need to remove moldings without damaging the trim and walls, one nifty trick uses a trim puller. Its thin and durable feature effectively wedges between tight members without bending even when you use it full force.

4. Pliers

There are various types of pliers that you can use for different applications, such as cross-cutting electrical cables and cutting rusty nails and screws. Make sure to find the right style you need for your work, such as electrician pliers and ironworkers’ pliers.

5. Drill Bits

Having the right sizes of holes on pipes, cables, and woods for your construction project is essential. To achieve the extent that you require, make sure to buy drill bits to make multiple holes on large screws, sheet metal, and thin steel.

6. Tool Pouch / Fastener Pouch

You can’t always have an assistant that will hand you the tools you need from time to time. Use a tool pouch or fastener pouch for convenient work where you can put your tools and fasteners.

Commercial Tools For The Workspace

You must have some tools in your workspace to ensure a safe, quick, and convenient remodeling job. Here are some of them:

1. Ladders

When choosing a ladder, make sure that they are sturdy and safe to use as the remodeling will require you continuously go up and down in some places. Using a large stable platform, you can have a 360-degree work zone without using contortion acts. Meanwhile. Working on roof areas may require you to use wall-mounted roof access ladders.

2. Extension Cords

You may have to work on power tools and need to use lighting from time to time. For convenience, have a 50 ft. or longer extension cord on your workspace. Make sure that it can handle the large amperage that your tools may require.

3. Power Saw

There are various saw blade types, but some remodeling projects may require you to use power ones. Power saw will allow you to cut large sizes of lumbers, metals, steels, and PVC pipes without exerting extra effort.

4. Screw Gun 

Whether it is for hanging drywall or fastening screws, using a screw gun will be a game-changer. Instead of exerting effort, this tool can work almost instantly and can deliver better outcomes.

Prioritize Your Safety While Remodeling

Were there any tools we missed? Let us know in the comments below and we will be sure to add them in!

Ensuring your workspace safety is essential for any construction project. It is best to equip yourself with proper tools, especially in elevated areas such as roofs. Make sure that you find a reliable construction manufacturing company that can supply you with quality materials. Our friends at Access Doors and Panels can offer various construction needs such as access panels, ladders, and fire extinguisher accessories.

As you prepare for an upcoming commercial remodel, or if you are a contractor, be sure to check out our Expert Guide to Commercial Remodeling to ensure you are ready to go and have all the equipment you need to make it a success. 

Expert Guide to Commercial Remodeling

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