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Kevin Ahern

By: Kevin Ahern on August 20th, 2015

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The Benefits of Adding More Natural Light at Your Office


Adequate lighting is important for working in an office, and having the right kind of light can be almost as important as having enough light. Natural daylight has been studied extensively and has been proven to have many benefits. Below are just some of the advantages of increasing the amount of natural daylight at your workplace.

Energy Savings and Utility Savings

The more natural light you’re able to use throughout the day, the less energy you’ll need to run your office. The resulting energy savings can lead to reduced utility bills and a higher profit margin. In addition, the less energy you use the more your business reduces its carbon footprint.

Focusing on sustainable business practices is good for the environment, good for the pocketbook, and it’s also good for public relationships. Many people like working with businesses that prioritize the needs of the community.

Natural Beauty

Daylight is beautiful. In offices designed to maximize the use of natural daylight, the resulting soft colors and gentle lighting can make it easier to decorate the space and easier to make your office a pleasant place to spend time. For businesses that rely on customer relationships, an attractive workplace is an essential tool that can help lure clients to the office.

Morale and Productivity Booster

Overall, studies have shown that people prefer to work in rooms with natural daylight. In fact, innumerable studies have been conducted that show that daylight improves employee moods, increases employee energy and contributes to overall job satisfaction.

In addition to being a morale booster, natural daylight speeds productivity by creating the kind of working conditions where people have the energy to get work done and do a good job. In addition, daylight has been shown to reduce stress among employees.

Physical Comfort

Under controlled conditions, daylight produces a diffuse, radiant, non-flickering light that can reduce cases of eye strain while providing clarity of color and line. In addition, the lack of flicker in daylight means it may be less likely to cause of migraines and other physical disturbances. Use of window treatments to control glare may be necessary.

The use of natural light in buildings is becoming more popular and prevalent all the time. In fact, it even has a name: daylighting. Daylighting is much more than simply installing larger windows and removing window treatments. With strategically placed skylights and use of reflective surfaces inside the building, daylighting can provide a large portion of the necessary illumination in an office setting.

Daylighting is a well-studied practice. For more information about daylighting, see the Daylighting Dividends page on the Lighting Research Center website. For more information about switching to daylighting at your office, contact an experienced contractor today. If your business is in the New Haven area, contact Litchfield Builders, New Haven’s Premiere general contractor.

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