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By: Kevin Ahern on January 7th, 2016

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7 Tips for a Successful Office Fit-Up


An office fit-up is a huge project that requires a lot of planning to be conducted properly. Following these 7 tips, your office fit-up will go more smoothly and will more likely meet the needs of your company and employees.

1. Assess Your Needs

Before you begin your project, take a 360 degree look at your office and staff. Interview each employee to find out if your business provides enough space for the people you employ, and whether or not your office needs new common areas to reach the goals of the company. Your space assessment should find out whether or not your company has space to accommodate all your office equipment as well the clients who come to do business at your office.

2. Establish a Timeline

Find out from your contractor when the work will begin, how long the work will take and when it will be finished. Knowing the timeline for completion of the work will allow you to plan properly, ensuring minimal disruption.

3. Consider Ergonomics

As you plan your new office space, plan to design a space that helps to ensure the safety of your workers. Look for new furniture that will facilitate comfort and productivity. Designing an ergonomically correct office space will help you attract the best employees and improve the quality of life among your existing staff. Taking care of your staff in this way can also lower your workman's comp rates over time.

4. Assign a Project Manager

The best way to stay organized during an office fit-up is to assign one employee to be a project manager. This employee will be the point person for your entire company. It will be the project manager's job to keep your employees apprised of the renovation and to ensure that your staff knows what their role is in the office change taking place.

5. Consider Future Needs

If your company is growing now or if you anticipate it will grow in the future, be sure your office fit-up accommodates the needs of a slightly larger staff than what you currently employ. Doing so will help ensure that your company will be able to use your new office space for years to come.

6. Go Green

Any changes to lighting, plumbing, windows and doors should be done with eco-friendly materials. Make it your goal to keep your renovation environmentally friendly and to decrease your company's carbon footprint.

7. Pick the Right Contractor

The best way that you can ensure that your office fit-up will go well is by hiring the right contractor for the job. Even if you've never done an office fit-up in the past, your contractor will have the knowledge to help ensure that your office fit-up goes well. Choose a contractor who can adequately answer your questions and who has a reputation for excellence in your community. If you live in New Haven, contact Litchfield Builder.
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