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By: Kevin Ahern on February 4th, 2016

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7 Tips for Designing the Perfect Dining Room


Your dining room is one of the centerpieces of your home. It's where you entertain guests, have family dinners and eat countless home cooked meals. When you choose to remodel your dining room, getting it right is important. These tips will help you make your dining room the perfect spot for entertaining and spending hours together with loved ones.

Consider Lighting

The lighting of your dining room adds a lot to the ambiance of your meals. Natural lighting will help present your meals in a flattering light during the daytime, while artificial lighting is important for nighttime meals. Skylights help to illuminate the space as much as possible during the day, while a chandelier will help add formality and ceremony to nighttime meals. Consider all these possibilities when choosing the type of lighting you'd like to add to your remodel.

Add Millwork

Millwork like chair rails, wainscoting and crown molding will add a warmth and natural beauty to your dining room. Some millwork, like chair rails and wainscoting, are also functional because they provide protection to your walls. In homes with more traditional aesthetic, millwork is the perfect accessory for any dining room.

Easy to Clean Floor

It's important that your dining room floor be easy to maintain and keep clean. To ensure that your dining room will be as low maintenance as possible, install a hard surface like floorboards or tiles. Avoid installing difficult to clean materials like carpet.

Paint Color

Picking the right paint color is critical for the success of your dining room. In large rooms, dark colors can bring the walls closer and make the space feel more intimate. In a smaller dining room, lighter colors will make the space seem more airy and less claustrophobic. Coordinate the paint color on the wall with the color of the wood or tile on the floor, or the millwork elsewhere in the room.

Consider Sound

If your dining room is frequently used for entertaining, think about adding a sound system in the walls to play music at meals. Hardwiring your sound system into the structure of your dining room will ensure that the speakers are subtle and easy to disguise.

Control Access

Many dining rooms come with a doorway to the kitchen, but not all dining rooms have a door that can close off the kitchen to the dining room. Install a door between your dining room and kitchen to help shut out any out noise, scents and sights coming from your kitchen during the meal.

Built-in Cabinetry

Installing built-in cabinetry into your walls will ensure that you have a good place to store your dishes, glasses and silverware. Built-in cabinetry also adds a formality and beauty to your dining room, which helps to make the space more attractive overall.

If you're hoping to remodel your dining room this spring or summer, contact Litchfield Builders, New Haven's premiere general contractor. At your appointment, we can provide you with a quote and give you suggestions for more ways that your dining room can be made beautiful during your upcoming remodel.
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