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By: Kevin Ahern on December 8th, 2015

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7 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Enliven Your Kitchen


Are you remodeling your kitchen soon? Now is the time to think about your backsplash and what you want it to look like. Traditional tile backsplashes are attractive and functional, but many homeowners enjoy transforming their backsplash into a beautiful accent piece, or even a work of art. In this post, we'll explore all the ways that your backsplash can enhance the appearance of your kitchen.

Unusual Materials

Ceramic tiles are the norm for backsplashes, but you can use almost any building material that you want. Here are a couple examples:

  • Stone – Stone adds a natural appeal that can make your kitchen feel more cozy. Stone also goes well with wood and other natural materials.
  • Glass – Sleek and smooth, glass is modern and minimalist in its appearance. This is the perfect backsplash material for a contemporary-style kitchen.

Repeating Patterns

One of the ways that you can make your backsplash standout is by installing a similar backsplash pattern on a different vertical surface in the kitchen. For example, install more of the same tiles or materials you use for your kitchen backsplash on the walls of your kitchen island. This draws more attention to the backsplash and integrates it into the kitchen more thoroughly.

Irregularly Sized Tiles

Use tiles of varying sizes or strange shapes to create patterns throughout your backsplash. For example, use hexagonal tiles instead of square tiles, or use large and small square tiles combined in one wall.

Glazed Brick Backsplash

Glazed brick can give the room a pizza restaurant-like quality that can be used to support a theme. Glazed brick is also very practical because they feature large areas of glazed ceramic, which makes them easy to clean.

Backlight the Backsplash

This is a good way to light your kitchen and draw attention to the walls of your kitchen. Installed behind opaque glass, back lighting can give your backsplash a translucent, shimmery quality.

Recycled Glass or Reclaimed Wood

Go green with recycled or reclaimed materials! Reclaimed wood is rustic and visually interesting, and would go well in an older, more traditional kitchen. While reclaimed wood isn’t the most practical backsplash material, it should hold up if kept well-sealed. Recycled glass, on the other hand, is practical for use in the kitchen and can be installed in contemporary or vintage settings.


This is rarely done, but can be visually striking: hire a local artist to install an actual mosaic on your kitchen walls. Mosaics featuring foods and drinks are appropriate for your kitchen, but you can pick whatever type of image you want.

At Litchfield Builders, we want your kitchen to look its best after your remodel. From the backsplash to the flooring, countertops to the cabinets, we're bursting with ideas. Contact us today as you plan your upcoming kitchen remodel, and we'll be happy to share our ideas for your property.Request a free millwork consultation