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By: Kevin Ahern on April 26th, 2016

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7 Elements for the Ultimate Home Man Cave


Every man dreams of having their very own secluded place where they can relax, lounge, play games and drink beer. For those of you who are ready to grab the bull by the horns and start remodeling, these 7 suggestions will help you design the ultimate man cave.

Wet Bar Area

What man cave is complete without a place where you can keep cold drinks and mix cocktails? Your man cave’s wet bar can be as simple as a counter with a small refrigerator, or can be as complex as you see fit. For a full wet-bar area, we recommend installing a plumbed sink, a bottle cooler for wine and possibly a small oven, so you can warm up nachos or tacos when it’s time to watch the game.

Home Theater System

Of course, you’ll want a comfortable place where you can watch movies and sports. While it’s nice to have a recliner and a large television, why not take it a step further? Install theater seating for all your friends and a retractable screen for ultimate home viewing.

Built-In Speaker System

Sound systems play an important role in man caves. After all, what’s the point of watching movies in your home theater if your sound system isn't powerful enough to shake the chairs? Installing a built-in speaker system will give you that surround sound effect, like in a real movie theater.

Built-in Desk

Every man cave needs a workstation for playing computer games. The bigger your desk, the more computer equipment can be kept in the space. If you have specialized computer equipment for projects like sound editing, then a large wrap-around desk will be best.


You’re going to need a place where you can store your DVD’s, CD’s, magazines and sports paraphernalia. Enclosed hardwood cabinets will help keep dust from settling on anything you don’t use regularly, but if you’ve got trophies to put on display then don’t forget to add the built-in book shelves.


Your man cave’s bathroom will be yours and only yours, which means you’ll never have to wait your turn to use the toilet. Installing a half bath should be adequate, unless you plan to visit your man cave after exercising or playing sports—in which case you’ll want a shower to be included.

A Sense of Class

Your man cave should look less like a spare room and more like a hunter’s lodge. Hardwood floors, granite counter tops, stone walls, recessed lighting and other attractive finishing touches help make your man cave a place of comfort and sophistication. If you’re not sure what kind of materials to use, contact Litchfield Builders. We’ll be happy to talk to you about the various ways that your man cave can be made to match your needs.Request a free construction consultation