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By: Kevin Ahern on July 28th, 2016

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7 Easy Ways to Brighten Up Your Master Bedroom


Dark rooms can be depressing and unpleasant, so if your master bedroom is unnecessarily dark, making it brighter and lighter can improve your experience in your own home. There are many relatively easy ways that you can make your master bedroom brighter overall.

Remove or Change Window Dressings

Window dressings can darken your room, especially if they're made of heavy cloth. Replacing your window dressings with sheers or removing them altogether will let in more light through the window and contribute to the overall brightness in the room. If you don't like the look of bare windows, try putting up a valance which does little or nothing to impede the entrance of sunlight.


Dark paint can make dark rooms seem darker and smaller. To fix this problem, repaint your master bedroom in a relatively light, bright color. Avoid stark, harsh paints like eggshell white and cream. Both of these colors are so bright they can almost seem oppressive. Instead, turn to pastels like a sunny light yellow or soft lime green.

Install Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light that comes in through the window and contributes to the overall brightness in the room. To capitalize on this feature, install mirrors of various sizes and shapes. Position some of the mirrors directly across from the windows and place others on the adjacent walls, to encourage light to bounce all over the room.

Remove the Clutter

Clutter adds to the shadows in the room and can make some spaces seem darker than they really are. Removing the clutter helps to make the bedroom seem less oppressive and more open, which can in turn also make it seem brighter. Invest in organizers and put the clutter away, or seek built-in storage to give the clutter a permanent home. If you decide to organize the clutter, it's best to keep the clutter hidden in cabinets and in closets, where it will be less visible. This will help the space open up, making it seem lighter and more spacious.

Remove Shrubbery Outside

Overgrown shrubs and dense trees can block the daylight, limiting your master bedroom's exposure to direct sunshine. For better exposure to sunlight, cut back on the shrubbery with pruning sheers or a saw. You don't need to remove entire trees or pull out all your shrubs. A nice sun-dappled look can be achieved by simply thinning the branches directly outside your window.

Install Lamps

Plug in several lamps around the room to make it lighter and brighter in the evening. When lighting a room, it's best to have multiple light sources. Having several small lamps instead of one or two large lamps will enable you to light exactly the parts of the room you need to use, keeping the space cozy and inviting.

Work With a Contractor

Talk to a professional contractor to devise more ways that you can lighten your master bedroom. Depending on the circumstances, your contractor may suggest installing recessed lighting or knocking down a wall. Working with a professional contractor, you can come up with many creative and effective ways of lightening your master bedroom. For more design solutions the New Haven area, contact Litchfield Builders. With over 25 years in the business, we're a trusted name among Connecticut homeowners.