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By: Kevin Ahern on March 27th, 2015

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6 Unique Home Library Addition Ideas


Public libraries are the heart of many a community. In much the same spirit, a home library -- comprised of more than a few scattered bookcases -- can support fun learning time and relaxation for the entire family.

However, identifying and redesigning the right space in your house as a home library addition is more easily achieved with the help of a professional remodeler. You need a company that is licensed, reliable and creative as well as one that has a good reputation for meeting local permitting and zoning requirements.

Preparing for the Initial Library Addition Meeting

Good communication at your first meeting with a remodeler makes the project go more smoothly.

Information you should bring to this get-together includes: a list of potential rooms or portions of rooms that might make a good home library addition; your projected budget; ideas about how you and other members of your family will use the space; and pictures of home library projects you like.

Searching for Design Ideas

Here are examples of six creative home library additions from small to large for various parts of your home.

Kitchen Library. Cramming your cookbooks inside a kitchen cupboard or storing them on bookshelves far from the kitchen is awkward. Analyze your kitchen space to see if you can tuck in some built-in shelves above cabinetry, similar to a project illustrated in Better Homes and Gardens. Maybe you can fit in a tiny desk ideal for menu planning and paying bills.

Staircase Storage. Whether leading down to a basement family room or up to a second floor, staircases often conceal hidden space behind finished walls. Consider asking your remodeler to open up a wall to retrofit the space with shelves and book cubbies as Houzz demonstrates.

Closet Readers. Pictures of closets transformed into library space abound online. However, AdorePics selects one of the best to share -- a shallow living room closet with doors removed and a fancy arch installed around the opening. Warm, golden wallpaint accents the back of white cubby-style bookshelves.

Whimsical Spaces. House Beautiful shows how built-in, floor-to-ceiling shelving can turn awkward spaces, such as narrow halls or rooms with odd angles, into whimsical, welcoming reading rooms.

Picture Book Perfection. Nurseries often are crowded with lots of children's equipment and toys. When it comes to organizing books, weary parents may resort to piles that make it difficult for little ones to find favorite picture books. Apartment Therapy shows how to make selection easier with shallow display shelves on which the books face cover forward.

Traditional Reading Room. If you can afford a home library addition that occupies an entire room, consider the cozy, quiet nature of a traditional reading room. Homedit notes the importance of including work areas, desks and tables as well as comfortable furniture, such as overstuffed armchairs.

Minimizing the Sawdust

The beauty of hiring a professional remodeler to construct your library -- whether in a closet or a spacious room -- is that you'll spend less time living in sawdust. You'll also be able to relax with a cozy book a whole lot sooner.

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