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By: Kevin Ahern on February 16th, 2016

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6 Elements of a Perfect Home Office


Working from home can be a great luxury, unless it turns out that your home office leaves a lot to be desired. If your home office is too small, too dark or just so non-functional that you can't get your work done, then changes need to be made. In this post, we'll explore the various ways that your home office can be made more suitable for a working professional.

Functionality with Built-in Furniture

The functionality of your home office space is critical for the operation of your home business. The addition of built-in shelves and cabinetry allows you to store your files in a location where they can be kept easily organized. Built-in furniture also improves the aesthetic value of your home office, making it a more pleasant place to get work done. You can even take the built-in office furniture one step further by having your desk custom built into the walls.


Good ambiance in your home office would help you clear your head and be more productive throughout the day. Producing a quiet, relaxing atmosphere is key. Painting the walls in muted, neutral colors that are conducive to relaxation would help. If you live in a home with noisy children or neighbors, it can also help to soundproof your walls and keep out loud background noises.

Adequate Light

Adequate lighting is important for ergonomic reasons, because if you work in conditions that don't provide adequate lighting to see, you could find yourself squinting, leaning forward and straining throughout the day. Installing windows and skylights can help. In addition, artificial light from several different sources enables you to work productively into the night, so the perfect home office should involve built in lighting on the walls and in the ceiling.

Workstation Variety

Many people benefit from working in a variety of different workstations throughout the day, which is why the ideal office with built-in office desks would have several different work stations (standing and sitting). A standing desk, sitting desk and window seat desk are all logical options.

Adequate Electrical Supply

Today's home office needs many different electrical outlets to ensure that all office equipment has a place to be plugged in. It's always better to have more electrical outlets than you need than to have extension cords running over the floor in your office, so your ideal home office should have outlets in every possible realistic location.

High Tech Accommodations

Newer offices often have high tech gadgets like large screen televisions, built-in projection screens and ceiling projectors. Many home offices don't need this kind of gadgetry, but if your business would make use of these features, then the ideal home office for you would have a built-in cabinet for your large screen television, and a place for ceiling projectors and other electronic devices.

If your home office is woefully inadequate and you find yourself now thinking about the ways in which your home office could be improved, then now may be the time to think about getting your office remodeled. To find out more about getting your home office in New Haven remodeled, contact Litchfield Builders. As New Haven's premiere general contractor, we'd be more than happy to help you with your upcoming renovation.