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By: Kevin Ahern on May 31st, 2016

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5 Ways You Can Enhance Your Outdoor Space for Summer


Summer is nearly here, and homeowners everywhere are looking for ways to make their outdoor spaces more attractive and enjoyable. These 5 projects can enhance your outdoor space, making your property more beautiful and more suitable for entertaining guests.

Build a Deck

Adding a deck can improve your property value while giving your guests a space to mingle during parties. Deck space can also give you a comfortable area to sit and read on quiet summer afternoons.

Traditional decks made from treated wood need to be refinished every few years to prevent the wood from rotting. Many modern decks are made from a composite material that requires little or no maintenance (other than the occasional cleaning). This decking material is made from a combination of plastic and wood pulp, which means that the boards for the deck can easily be molded into whatever shape is desired.

For this reason, modern decks take a more interesting shape and have unique features not found in older decks. To find out more about getting a deck made of composite decking installed on your property, talk to a contractor with Litchfield Builders.

Install Garden Lighting

Garden lighting can make your outdoor space usable in the dark while also enhancing your home's nighttime curb appeal. As a bonus, garden lighting makes your property safer by deterring late night intruders.

Work with your contractor to have garden lighting hardwired onto your property. If you're not sure what type of lighting is right for your property, your contractor can help you decide what types of lighting will work best with your landscape features and the style of your home.
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Lay Down Pathways

Pathways add a sense of order to your outdoor space while also preventing visitors and members of your household from trampling your grass. Work with a contractor to determine the most logical locations to install pathways. Your contractor can also help you pick the right material for constructing your pathways, based on the appearance of your outdoor space.

Improve Drainage

Good drainage is important for the structural stability of your home and for keeping the outdoor space usable. Without good drainage, soil on your property can become marshy and soft, making it hard to garden and enjoy your outdoor space.

If the soil in your yard is frequently wet, talk to a contractor about installing a French drain or a rain garden for collecting water and carrying it away from your home.

Build Garden Beds

Raised garden beds and terraced gardens will give you a good place to plant flowers, vegetables, and greenery. Garden beds can also help you grow things even if the soil on your property isn't suitable for growing plants.

The suggestions above are just a few of the things you can do to improve the outdoor space on your property this spring. To find out more about enhancing your home's exterior this spring, talk to a contractor with Litchfield Builders.

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