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By: Kevin Ahern on October 15th, 2015

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5 Types of Unique Sinks for your Connecticut Bathroom Remodel


A unique sink is like the centerpiece of the bathroom. It has personality, visual interest and an artistic quality that can make your bathroom attractive to visitors and family members alike. These 5 unique bathroom sinks are both functional and aesthetically striking.

Natural Stone Vessel

Sinks carved from natural stone have a permanentness and a solidity that is both attractive and reassuring. Natural stone also adds a rustic quality to your bathroom. When searching for a natural stone sink, look for a vessel that is carved and polished on the inside and raw and textured on the outside, as if your sink was plucked from a mountain or mined from the ground. Stone vessels look best in bathrooms that are decorated in natural colors and paired with a bathroom vanity that is made from natural materials, like wood or stone tile.

Painted Ceramic

Painted ceramic sinks, similar in appearance to blue willow plates and other types of decorated dishes, are charming and quaint, like something that you might see in a country home. To make sure your sink matches stylistically with the rest of the room, pair it with a vanity that is made from distressed or antiqued wood.

Hammered Copper

The texture and deep brown color of hammered copper can be striking. Use a hammered copper sink in a bathroom decorated with natural browns and earthy tones like green. Pair your hammered copper sink with oil-rubbed bronze fixtures like faucets and towel racks. The colors in these two metals go well together, and oil-rubbed bronze will help bring out the darker, richer tones in the copper.

Hand-Made Ceramic

Hand-made ceramics can be fired with a number of unusual glazes to match any color and style of bathroom. The most exciting details found in this type of sink are the artistic qualities inherent in a hand-made piece of art. In some cases, you can see the actual finger prints from the original artist. This type of sink is best installed in a bathroom with other hand-made objects like hand-embroidered towels, a rag bathmat and a hand-painted vanity.

Pure Glass

Pure glass sinks work best in modern, minimalistic bathrooms. You can choose colored glass or clear glass, depending on your preferences and the color scheme of the bathroom. The vessel style is best because it capitalizes on the way that the glass allows you to see straight into the sink and onto the other side, which would not be possible if the sink were an under-mount or self-rimming style.

If you're looking for a new and unique sink for your upcoming bathroom remodel, talk to your bathroom contractor. At Litchfield Builders, we're always happy to offer advice when it's requested. We've installed many bathroom sinks over the years, so we know what's out there and how to pick the best type of sink for your bathroom.Request a free construction consultation