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By: Kevin Ahern on July 5th, 2016

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5 Kitchen Features You Wish You Had


Preparing food can be fun, especially when your kitchen has all the tools and appliances you need to work efficiently. If you find yourself struggling to prepare good meals, one of your problems could be a lack of adequate work space, storage space or appliances. If this is the case, knowing which kitchen features to install will help you transform your kitchen into a more functional and enjoyable place to be.

Double Bowl Sink

A double bowl sink is critical for food preparation and dishes cleaning. When you're picking the sink that's right for you, select a model that has the right number of holes for the type of faucet you'd like to have. Not sure what kind of faucet is right for you? Go shopping for the faucet before picking a sink. This will help ensure that you can pick a type of sink that will fit your ideal faucet.

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is like the ultimate fixture for modern kitchens. With extra counter space and cabinet space, you'll have all the room you need to prepare meals and store dishes. A well-designed kitchen island will also have a space for your guests and family members to sit at the counter on stools. This is an especially helpful feature in homes of people who do a lot of entertaining.

Second Sink

A second sink, ideally located in the kitchen island, is invaluable for food preparation, washing dishes and big meal preparation. We recommend installing a second sink that has a high-arched faucet for filling tall pots with water.

Cookbook Shelves

Leaving your cookbooks out in an open area of your kitchen ensures that your cookbooks will be covered in dust and grease. Many homeowners struggle to find a place where they can store their cookbooks.

The best thing you can do to protect your cookbooks is to put them on a dedicated hardwood shelf. Work with a contractor to install custom hardwood shelves or a hardwood cabinet in your kitchen. As a bonus, ask your contractor to put glass doors on the cabinets. This way, your cookbooks will be visible but kept away from the splattering grease.

Undercabinet Lighting

Undercabinet lighting is essential in homes where the countertops are dark, shaded and hard to see. Undercabinet lighting helps keep your work station clearly visible and easy to use. This type of lighting can also help transform your kitchen from a room that is gloomy to a place that is cheerful and inviting.

If you're hoping to transform your kitchen and make it someplace special, Litchfield Builders has the experience it takes to help you design a beautiful and functional kitchen space. For more information or for a quote, contact Litchfield Builders today.